What Is The Feng Shui Wealth Corner And Where Is The Best Place For It?

In feng shui, the money corner, also known as the wealth corner or prosperity corner, is believed to be the area in your home that corresponds with abundance, prosperity, and financial success. Activating this particular area can help improve your overall economic well-being and also act as a catalyst for monetary growth. By paying specific attention to the wealth sector of your home, you can create a positive and prosperous environment that supports your financial goals and aspirations.

There are several ways to determine where the money corner resides in your home. Once you locate its whereabouts, you can channel more positive energy into that area by harnessing the power of intention (like vision boards and mantras), symbols (such as statues or real money), and colors. Lastly, always remember that homes are, for the most part, pretty distinct from one another. This means that the money sector could be different in each abode. The best part about figuring out your home's layout is that you can apply the feng shui principles to each room. That means you can have a money corner in its intended area. Now that's some seriously positive moola energy.

It depends on what school you're following

There are two primary schools of feng shui, which are strikingly different. The first, called Black Hat, is a more generic way of figuring out which area represents what, using a more "one size fits all" approach. The feng shui matrix (bagua) is applied over the layout of your home and aligns with the front door of your dwelling, and the template is the same for all homes. If you follow this school of thought, your wealth and prosperity corner will be in the back left corner of your home. 

In the second school of feng shui, Compass Method  (Luo Pan), sees that you align your home with the eight directions: north, south, east, and west. In the Northern Hemisphere, the sunny side of your house is the south, and you generally want your living room to face the south to maximize the natural light. The north is considered a no-grow zone — look at the north side of your home, which is usually shadier and wetter than the south. In Luo Pan, it wouldn't make sense to have the prosperity and wealth corner in the back left corner because this would be the north (according to Black Hat), which is not technically a place where you'll find growth. The east is then the ideal placement for your wealth. 

Include the following in your money corner

When it comes to decorating your wealth and prosperity corner, Peace Love Feng Shui says to be sure to include different shades of purple (it's the color of abundance). You can add purple crystals, like amethyst, charms, money, or a small vision board (if it fits the area nicely). Money-related plants, like money trees, Epipremnum aureum, and Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant), bring good fortune chi. 

Objects related to the wood element or water-inspired items can also invite growth and prosperity. You can also decorate with blue and green hues. Magic Bricks says to add the auspicious three-toed money frog when in doubt. (You know, keep it simple.) This little guy supposedly bestows big money on those who honor and care for him. But never, ever display anything that's broken or allow your little wealth zone to look cluttered. Clutter scares good chi, and that just doesn't look good.