Tips For Choosing Curtains To Promote Good Feng Shui In Your Space

You might think that curtains don't really have much of an impact on the circumambulating energy flowing within your home. But on the contrary, they most definitely do. In feng shui, everything plays a substantial role in promoting good, balanced, and harmonious chi. When it comes to window coverings, even the fabric and-or material that your curtains are made of can have a major impact on what type of energy is attracted to your living space. 

That's because windows and their coverings are considered to be major chi magnets. Symbolically, they're like the eyes and eyelids of the house, which is also why natural light is so important. Moreover, natural light is also important for your mind and body. With this in mind, it's super important to keep everything — windows and curtains — clean and in good condition. Dirty, torn, or worn-out curtains won't attract the balanced good vibes that you're hoping for. 

Color and patterns play a big part

Remember that each element is governed by a specific color — wood is green, fire is red, earth is brown, metal is white and metallic, and water is blue. Curtain colors will vary from room to room, so it's important to pay attention to where you are. You'll want to pick curtain colors that correspond with elements that work in that vicinity. For example, in the north, the harmonious elements are metal, water, and wood, so adding white, blue, or green curtains is your best option. The south finds wood, fire, and earth as a harmonious trifecta, meaning that shades of green, red, or brown are all suitable color choices.

In feng shui, there are no wrong colors, just unfavorable ones. It's all about what fits where. For example, red and pink should be used at a minimum in intimate areas. Black can spark depression and negativity, so it's best to avoid it, instead, go for a darker, rich color for a better nights sleep. Though patterns can act as a focal point in a room, some designs can make people feel uneasy. Uneasy feelings mean negative chi accumulation, which is not what you want in your home.

Don't forget about natural light

Chi thrives in natural light, so it's always a good idea to have as much unobstructed light filtering into your room as possible. Light is, in a nutshell, pure, positive energy, and it's also good for your health. When it comes to window coverings, once again, you'll need to use your better judgment because your curtains will vary in each room. 

It's a general rule of thumb that your living room and bedrooms should have two sets of curtains. One should be sheer, which allows light to pour in throughout the day. This acts as a chi conductor and warms your room and the energy circulating inside your home. The second set is meant for privacy and to aid in better sleep. They should only be drawn at night for privacy (no one likes a nosey neighbor), and to help you sleep (because streetlights are the number one killer of a good night's rest).