Using A Mesh Laundry Bag In The Dishwasher Is A Major Game-Changer

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For most people, loading the dishwasher seems like a pretty straightforward task. Plates and larger items are usually reserved for the bottom rack, while cups and bowls go on top, and forks, knives, and spoons are obviously contained inside the silverware caddy. However, things can get complicated when you try to determine where to place other items. For instance, you probably also need to clean small and delicate pieces such as cup lids, baby bottles, tiny Tupperware containers and lids, or reusable straws. Perhaps you're not sure where to place these items, as they could easily fall through the cracks of a rack.

While some place these items inside the silverware caddy, this can take away space that needs to be reserved for your silverware. It can also cause your dishes to get a less thorough clean, as they'll be more tightly packed together. Further, plastic items should go on the gentler top rack and not the bottom one. If you're dealing with this problem, there is one simple product that could solve it. 

A mesh laundry bag... for your dishwasher?

Any items that could fall through the cracks of your dishwasher rack can be placed inside a mesh laundry bag and washed on the top rack. While these bags are normally used to protect delicate clothing pieces in the washing machine, they are also ideal for use in the dishwasher. The high-pressure water from your dishwasher will permeate the holes in the mesh and clean your small items without them getting lost or damaged. Further, you could also use a larger bag to protect items that could warp, such as plastic Tupperware containers. 

Amazon sells mesh laundry bags with secure zippers that come in multiple sizes. With over 5,000 reviews, this product has a 4.7-star rating and is generally well-liked. Most items will fit inside the small size, and a pack of two currently costs $5.29, but if you want to use these bags for bulkier items, opt for the medium or large sizes. 

Other items you could wash in the mesh bag

While the dishwasher is often reserved for cleaning the dishes, there are plenty of other items you could be cleaning inside the appliance — and placing them in a mesh laundry bag will keep them safe. However, keep in mind that, after running a cycle that's filled with unusual items, you may need to clean out the dishwasher filter before you pile your dishes back inside. 

As regards what items can go in the dishwasher, the list is quite extensive and may surprise you. Plastic children's toys can easily get grimy but can also quickly be cleaned with a run through the dishwasher. If you haven't cleaned your kitchen sponges, bathroom loofahs, or other reusable cleaning products in quite some time, these could easily go through a cycle as well. Pet collars and leashes, toothbrushes, soap holders, gardening tools, golf balls, and keys can also be safely placed in your dishwasher.