Why You Should Pour A Little Dawn Dish Soap Down The Drain After A Bath

Because we spend so much time getting clean in our bathtubs, we probably don't give much thought to cleaning our tubs at all, especially since they come in contact with so much soap and water. But if we took a good hard look at our tubs, we may discover dirty areas that we hadn't noticed before: From nearby tiling or grout to shower curtains or even in crevices around the drain, all of which are areas where germs are happy to lurk. These overlooked areas aren't the only places that can play host to things that can cause trouble because tubs also have soap scum — that cocktail of soap, body oil, cosmetics, and minerals from your bath water that can build up in tubs and drains too.

But wait, there's more — because hostile organisms aren't the only thing we need to worry about. If we turn to harsh chemicals to sort out a dirty tub, we also bump into encounter other hazards which can threaten our health in a different way. As environmental consultant Marilee Nelson points out, "Cleaning agents that have chemicals or fragrances can leave a residue and become part of your bathwater or part of the air you breathe in the bathroom. Hot or warm water volatilizes chemicals that are on the surface, which makes them stronger," per The Washington Post. And this is where our trusty Dawn dishwashing liquid comes in.

Why Dawn is good for bathtubs

While some household cleaning agents have been known to fail us from time to time, Dawn isn't one of those, simply because it was formulated to work on everything, including dirty and greasy dishes, kitchen surfaces, countertops, and appliances like refrigerators and stovetops. Dawn has even been used to clean windows and unclog toilets — and it can help keep your bath drains clear after a bath. 

Because Dawn is formulated to cut through food-related grease and grime, there is no reason why it can't extend those cleaning powers into the bathtub. Cleaning professionals have discovered that Dawn can cut through the soapy residue and other matter in our drains the same way. Just use a squirt of the magic dishwashing liquid, let that sit for a while, then run hot water to get rid of all the scum and grease buildup which had been threatening to turn your tub into a pool.

Perhaps the best part about Dawn is that it doesn't have the harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia that other household cleaners come with. But even if Dawn is the household wonder we never knew we had, there are still some caveats that come with using it — you can't use it in your dishwasher, your washer, or to clean your car with. But other than that, Dawn could well be the little blue bottle that could.