How To Weatherproof Indoor Furniture To Use Outside

Transforming an indoor furniture piece into an outdoor one involves more than just changing its location. You'll need to make sure the item won't get damaged by temperature changes or moisture, which will require some work. However, the labor and time involved could be well worth it, as making an indoor piece suitable for the outdoors will provide you with more outdoor furniture options.

When choosing the right furniture to use outside, don't decide upon your favorite bench or a family heirloom. This is because, while you can make wooden furniture suitable for outdoor use, it won't last as long as a plastic or metal piece that's made to handle harsh weather. At the same time, don't choose something made out of fake wood like particle board or laminate, as these materials are sure to break down or soak up moisture quickly. You should also keep these revamped items underneath a covered porch or a pergola, as they shouldn't be rained or snowed on. Once you've chosen the right piece, it's time to put on protective gloves and get to work.

How to transform wooden furniture

Painting furniture for the outdoors is slightly different than painting something for indoor use. This is because, while you could neglect to paint certain areas of an indoor piece, outdoor ones need to be sealed on every side. Therefore, pay careful attention to the underside of a dresser or a bench because even though this area won't be visible, it still needs to be protected from moisture damage.

When choosing the right paint, decide upon one that's made for furniture and external use, which you could purchase from Amazon. If desired, you could start with a primer, which Home Depot carries. Before you wield your paintbrush or sprayer, clean the piece thoroughly and sand it down lightly. After you've painted, ensure the piece is cured before placing it outside, which should take a few weeks. If you'd rather have the wood show through, seal the item instead of painting it. To do this, similarly prepare the piece by cleaning and sanding it down, then stain the wood with a sponge. After it has dried overnight, apply two coats of a polyurethane sealant on top, which you could get at Home Depot.

What to do with upholstered elements

Perhaps your piece is upholstered or has a fabric element, such as a cushion. If so, you'll also need to make these elements ready for the outdoors. For upholstered furniture pieces, one option is to replace the fabric with a waterproof material, which you could purchase at Joann or another craft store. You could also revamp loose cushions with this type of fabric as well, or you could simply replace the cushions with ones made for the outdoors.

Another option is to spray your indoor upholstered pieces with a waterproof spray, such as the one by Scotchgard that's available on Amazon. This will not only protect your items from moisture but also from UV rays, which will keep them from fading. If you're worried about this product making your cushions feel less comfortable, you shouldn't be, as some of the comments on Amazon say that their fabric feels the same as before. However, this product may need to be reapplied periodically, so keep that in mind.