The TikTok Hack That May Help Tidy Your Home In 30 Minutes Or Less

Oftentimes, what keeps people from cleaning their homes is not laziness but a busy schedule. Perhaps you feel like there's just not enough time in the day to thoroughly clean your house, so tasks continuously get pushed back to tomorrow until you've got eight hours of work to complete over the weekend, and you wish you could just relax. 

If this has ever happened to you, a simple 30-minute cleaning hack featured on TikTok could help you get tasks done quickly and efficiently. This trick will help you freshen up your space either every day or every couple of days, so it never gets to the point where it feels overwhelming. Further, this hack will also help you break down your to-do list into jobs that actually feel manageable. For instance, instead of focusing on cleaning the whole bathroom, this method will help you clearly see every single chore you need to complete. It's also flexible, meaning that you can tweak it however you desire to make it fit your lifestyle and schedule.

Using the rounds system

As displayed in a TikTok by user @polkarooboo, cleaning in rounds, where one task is completed in every room before moving on to the next chore, can help you be more productive in a shorter amount of time. This is because, instead of working room by room, you complete the same chore until it has been completed in the entire home. 

There are a few benefits of following this hack. As the user writes in the TikTok's caption, "'cleaning rounds' work with my ADHD brain way better than traditional cleanup methods." Further, this method could easily be faster, as you won't have to continuously put your tools down and pick them back up. This can also help you break down your tasks, as you'll know exactly what you need to do in each room at certain times. Finally, this tip may also help you stay motivated, as a room won't be completely clean until you finish all of your rounds. 

Plan ahead

In another TikTok, the creator explains how she sorts the work in rounds. First, collect dishes from each room and put them in the sink. Second, return items to the room they should be in, then put things back where they go in each specific room. Fourth, wipe down surfaces, and fifth, either afterward or at the same time, reorganize and clean anything that's displayed on the surfaces. Sixth, vacuum or sweep the floors, then seventh, clean the windows and mirrors. Finally, complete any finishing touches.

While this is her method, you don't need to follow the same rounds or do them in the same order. Maybe you want to combine steps two and three, so while you're putting things back in the right rooms, you also move items to the right places. As @polkarooboo writes, "experiment with what works for you!" Other users like KC Davis have their own variation of the rounds method. However, it's typically best to work from the top to the bottom of your room, which will put cleaning the floors near the end of your list. For instance, you should dust before you vacuum, so you can suck up the falling dust.