How To Choose Which Style Undermount Sink Is Right For Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is overdue for an overhaul, installing a new kitchen sink is a great way to make a significant impact. An undermount sink is a popular choice today because of its sleek look and simple maintenance. The even visual of a countertop isn't interrupted by the rim of the sink because it is installed from beneath the counter. It's also easy to clean the area around the sink by brushing any crumbs directly into the basin. Although an undermount style can cost more than a traditional top-mounted one, its appeal often outweighs the extra costs for many people.

There are several things to consider before you install a new undermount sink, per Manor House Sinks. First of all, a custom-shaped hole in the countertop is required to provide an exact fit. The sinks are often made of heavier materials, requiring installation by professionals. The heavy weight must also be supported by a solid counter surface, such as marble or granite, to provide maximum stability. A laminate surface would not be sufficient to sustain the weight of the sink, nor would it be able to withstand the constant exposure to water around the edge. Once the foundation for the sink is planned, it's time to choose a design by examining shapes and materials. As you decide which style of undermount sink is best for your kitchen, here are several options to consider.

Decide on the function

One way to determine what style of sink is right for your kitchen is to decide how it will be used, explains Kitchen Cabinet Kings. For instance, perhaps you need room to soak large pots or pans. In this case, you might prefer a sink with a single bowl that is deep enough to accommodate your cookware. Or you can opt for a sink with two basins. One could be used for washing dishes, and the other basin could be dedicated to food prep, with a garbage disposal connected to the second basin.

Another option is to include a drainboard on one side of the sink, which is handy if you wash dishes by hand rather than running the dishwasher. A farmhouse sink is another choice to consider. This type of sink with a wide apron is very popular today, as its vintage appearance complements the rustic theme of many of today's kitchens. The undermount farmhouse sink can be designed with either one or two basins. Keep in mind that this type of sink has an extra cost because a portion of the cabinet will need to be removed for it to be installed.

Choose the material

Finally, the material you select for your sink will significantly influence its style (per Vevano Home). Stainless steel is a popular choice because it is attractive and easy to maintain, and its lighter weight makes it less expensive to install. In contrast, fireclay is one of the most expensive materials to use. Being fired to a high temperature creates a dense surface, which makes it non-porous and resistant to scratches, stains, and hot cookware, but its heavy weight requires additional structural support. The smooth look of porcelain makes this a popular choice, either as a solid material or as a coating over steel. It is also non-porous and resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, although it can be prone to cracks or chips.

Sinks made of natural stone such as marble or granite are sturdy and attractive, but they are also very heavy and need to be sealed due to their porous nature. Another option is to choose a material such as quartz composite or granite composite. This combination of natural stone and acrylic resin creates the beautiful look of natural stone but doesn't cost as much. They are non-porous, resistant to chips and scratches, and absorb sound, so silverware and cookware are not as noisy when stacked in the sink. As you consider how your undermount sink will look and function in your kitchen, these choices will help you determine which style is the perfect fit for your home.