The Impressive Nail Polish Hack To Stop Glass Cracks From Spreading

Have you ever heard of this particular nail polish hack? While you might be wary of applying clear nail polish to the windshield of your car, this is actually a verified trick that's recommended by windshield installation professionals. The theory is that filling a small-ish windshield crack or ding with clear nail polish will prevent the damage from spreading, which in turn buys you time to quickly scoot your patootie to your nearest windshield repair shop. Just remember that using nail polish to fill in a windshield crack is not a recommended long-term solution and isn't meant to be a permanent fix. 

But nail polish isn't just reserved for just windshield cracks. Unsealed cracks in the windows of your home can look a bit unsightly and also prevent your home from proper temperature regulation. Cold or hot air seeps through, which kicks on your heater or air conditioner and you'll start seeing a steady increase in your monthly utility bill. If you deal with sudden extremes in temperature, you might even end up with a shattered window if the crack spreads. Luckily, clear nail polish can help, and it looks much better than masking tape.

There's a correct way to use it on your windshield

Using nail polish to fill in cracks in your windshield should only be done if you don't have a windshield repair kit or superglue on hand or if you're nowhere near a windshield repair shop. Pull over into a shady spot because sunlight and heat will cause the nail polish to dry too quickly. Clean the crack with a soft cloth or rubbing alcohol to clean and remove any foreign debris like dirt, sand, or bug bodies. When in doubt, use hand sanitizer. 

Next, fill in the crack with a generous amount of nail polish. Coat it well because you want to fill in the entire notch. Make sure that you apply it from the starting point to the end. After you've worked your magic on the outside, it's time to repeat the process on the inside. This adds an extra protective layer that makes it more durable. Make sure to keep your windows rolled down, so the nail polish fumes don't get trapped inside.

Once it's dried, the nail polish will essentially prevent any further stress fractures due to fluctuating temperatures and also keep any debris from contributing to its growth.

It might just be a universal wonder product

As mentioned, you can also use clear nail polish as a temporary fix for the windows in your home. Just like human beings, glass is susceptible to stress from factors such as pressure from the weather or sound and the age of the windows. Dramatic seasonal weather changes are one of the most common reasons that window cracks can form. 

Once you apply the clear nail polish over the window crack, it's ideal to add another layer of protection by using clear packing tape. This acts like a secondary support system for the nail polish and window, ultimately buying you a little more time to make an appointment with a window repair specialist. If you plan on using clear nail polish on other glass items in your home, just be smart about it. Clear nail polish is not heat-resistant and will change its chemistry if exposed to extremely high temperatures, according to Service Champions. On top of that, it will also release some seriously nasty vapors into the air (via Earth Eclipse). And who wants to take a deep breath of burnt chemicals?