How The Edges Of Your Furniture Could Be Hurting Your Home's Feng Shui

You know that gorgeous bed frame that you purchased for your guest room? You can bet your guests won't be happy when they ding their shins on those sharp corners. Is it because of where it's located or just due to its design? Furniture can be beautiful and functional, but on the flip side, it can seriously damage your body and the energy flowing through your home. 

Jagged furniture edges aren't just physically painful if you bump into them. They also direct detrimental chi directly at you. This energy is what feng shui practitioners call a poison arrow, and you don't want them shooting their negative energy around your home.

Luckily, you have complete control over the placement of your pointy furniture, which can eliminate some of the bad chi. Even better, there's always a simple feng shui charm brimming with auspicious energy that can dispose those harmful shards back into the aether. So you don't have to worry about returning that perfect coffee table for which you paid an arm and a leg.

Watch out for poison arrows

The negative energy produced by a poison arrow is called Sha Chi, also known as killing chi. It's the worst kind of negative energy you can summon and basically acts like a black hole, sucking up all the good vibes in your home. While angular furniture is self-explanatory, poison arrows can be tricky to diagnose. Certain types of architecture don't jive too well with sharply cornered footstools, sofas, nightstands, and the like.

For example, a desk already has sharp angles, but these poison arrows are worsened if you have a large piece of furniture directly in front of your workspace. The angle it creates focuses the negative energy straight at you instead of allowing it to flow around you. Protruding corners, unnatural angles, and oddly placed walls also suck up your good chi. The best way to address this is to shift your furniture so that angles aren't directed toward the inhabitants of the home. Of course, you can also add softening elements to the room to help you battle those bad vibes. 

How to deflect a poison arrow

There are quick and relatively easy fixes when stuck with poison arrows and other inauspicious energy. For instance, placing a large plant with ample foliage in a sharp corner is a simple and traditional way of dispersing negative energy from poison arrows. However, if you're low on space (not everyone has room for a magnificently tall bamboo plant), you can always opt for a small money tree on a round side table. If trying to keep a plant alive isn't something you'd like to add to your daily routine, hanging a string of colorful beads in the angled corner also works. Finally, when in doubt, adding a bagua mirror to a sharp corner can also help. 

Prism crystals that convert sunlight into multicolored beams also send out good chi to combat poison arrows. However, if you keep running into the corners of your furniture, check out those foam corner protectors you can buy at your local hardware store. They also make great pool toys!