Here's Why Your Couches Should Face Each Other

When choosing the ideal layout for your living room or family room, the most important furniture placement to consider is that of your couch. This is especially true when you have more than one, as these are often the largest and most used pieces. There are two common layouts that many homeowners decide upon. The first is placing one couch across from or next to a pair of armchairs, and this choice is often utilized in small spaces. The second option is arranging two sofas in an L-shape, which could include one or two armchairs as well. 

However, while these are common choices, your best bet may be having two couches face each other. This configuration will make your space appear balanced, welcoming, and clean, but keep in mind that you most likely can't use sectionals, as these would block off the walkways into the sitting area. Also know that your furniture pieces shouldn't be pressed up against the walls but, if possible, should float in the space and be anchored with an area rug. 

Why two is better than one

Using two couches is especially beneficial in big areas, as they will fill the space better than smaller pieces of furniture. For instance, in the image above, if the two armchairs were replaced with an identical sofa, the room would feel complete and well-designed instead of out of balance and empty on one side. Even if your room is on the smaller side, two couches can still work because the larger pieces of furniture will make the design appear less cluttered. Those who are really tight on space could replace the sofas with smaller loveseats, if desired.

Practically, two is also better than one because the additional seating will accommodate more people. While armchairs are great accent pieces, if you rely on them to provide enough seating, you may find that some of your guests are forced to stand. More people can always fit on a couch because it has multiple connected cushions and can typically accommodate three to four people. 

Why couches should face each other

It's best to face couches towards one another because this configuration creates symmetry, which makes the design aesthetically pleasing. It also allows you to then be asymmetrical with other features in the space, such as artwork or smaller pieces of furniture, because the two couches will anchor the design.

Another benefit is that it draws more attention towards the focal point, which is typically the fireplace or a piece of artwork. For instance, imagine that the two couches in the living room above faced each other instead of creating an L-shape. This would produce a balanced look that sits in the background and allows the fireplace to really shine. As it's set up now, the right side of the space feels empty while the left side feels too full; this draws unwanted attention away from the focal point. Having the couches face each other can also encourage a more social environment that's less oriented towards the television and more towards guests or family members.