Displaying Fruit Can Improve Your Kitchen's Feng Shui - Here's Why

If you want more positivity in your home, consider utilizing some of the principles of feng shui. While many associate this Chinese art with simply creating a harmonious space, it also encompasses being mindful of the energy and symbolism of the elements we place in our homes in order to benefit our well-being.

To that end, perhaps you're wondering how to enhance your kitchen's feng shui. One way to do this is by taking care of your oven, as this appliance is a symbol of wealth and should be cleaned regularly. Another way to improve your environment is by displaying various types of fruit on your countertop. At a very basic level, a fruit basket will add a fun pop of color that adds a joyous feel to your home, but on a deeper level, it has positive connotations. "Fruit signifies abundance for health and wealth, while also providing key nutrients for you to eat," feng shui expert Laura Cerrano told My Domaine.

The meaning of different types of fruit

While you could display any fruit you desire, some types have certain connotations in feng shui. For instance, oranges are a popular fruit, and most recommend displaying nine of them to get rid of any negative energy in the home. Another widely used fruit is the pineapple, which many associate with luck or wealth. Apples are known as a sign of harmony, while watermelon and grapes are both seen as signs of abundance or fertility. Because bananas come in a bunch, some think that they symbolize unity. Being mindful of these meanings can help you associate these elements with positive traits in your space, which will contribute to a more harmonious home. 

The number of fruits you display can also have a specific meaning in feng shui. "Serve 12 different kinds of fruits with pineapple as the star fruit," Master Hanz Cua, feng shui expert, tells Palawan News. However, while 12 is the typical number, some utilize 13 or 14 as well. 

Alternatives if fresh fruit isn't feasible

While fresh fruit may be the best option, some may not have access to this all the time, either because they're not available throughout the year or maybe because of your budget. If so, you have a couple of other choices on how to produce a positive environment. The first alternative is to use fake fruit, which is typically made out of a material such as plastic or foam. Just as you would with the real thing, you can display these pieces in a bowl or another container on your kitchen counter.

Another option is to hang artwork that has renderings of fruit on your kitchen walls. This will still add color and liveliness without having to take up any counter space. When talking about artwork in the kitchen, expert Laura Cerrano says, "The subject matter could revolve around the imagery of food itself... it could be realistically rendered, abstract, cartoony, or somewhere in between" (via MyDomaine), so it really comes down to your preferences.