The TikTok Gardening Hack That Will Help You Easily Plant More In Less Time

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If you have ever wanted to plant a field of bulbs, but the amount of backbreaking digging is overwhelming, gardening genius gardengranny0 has a brilliant method to get those blooms in the ground quickly. There are plenty of tools on the market to help make digging holes easier, but bulb planters like this model on Amazon still take quite a bit of physical effort. As such, we aren't sure we could realistically plant hundreds of bulbs with this manual tool.

So what do you do when you want a spring field full of daffodils but lack the time and energy to plant them all with a small hand tool? Add power! A cordless power drill, to be specific. We have seen people use augers and other types of power tools to dig holes, but this garden granny keeps it simple: With just a power drill with a large drill bit, she plants dozens of bulbs in just seconds.

TikTok gardening hack

In the viral TikTok post, we see gardengranny0 on the ground with her supplies ready: kneeling pads, crocus bulbs, her cordless power drill, and one of the biggest drill bits we've ever seen. Although we do not know where she got that particular bit, the most crucial element of this process is that she can use a drill bit large enough to fit the bulb she's planting. Bulbs come in various sizes, and crocus is among the smallest, but this hack can work for larger flowers like tulips and alliums. You simply need the right attachment — and a tool that's powerful enough for the task at hand.

If you'd like to use your power drill for planting bulbs but can't find a massive drill bit like the one in the video, auger attachments are available for this exact purpose. Many sets, like this one on Amazon, come with multiple sizes, so it doesn't matter the size of the bulb you want to plant. With a good quality drill and bit set, you should be able to drill through compacted and clay soils quickly.

Caring for your bulbs

The challenge of using this process to plant your bulbs is that different varieties must be planted at different depths. For example, crocus bulbs should be planted about 4 inches deep, while tulips need an 8-inch hole. After doing this about 100 times, you'll probably get a feel for the correct depth, but consider marking your drill bit with a line to mark where to stop. It would be a shame to plant all those bulbs only to find out all the holes were too deep for the flower to emerge.

Once you have dug your hole, place the bulb in with the pointy side up. The flatter side of the bulb contains the roots. Fill the hole with soil or a soil and compost mix. If you are planting a large area like the one in the video, water thoroughly with a sprinkler to give your bulbs the moisture they need to start growing roots. Once the process is complete, you can sit back and look forward to your field of flowers.