The Tell-Tale Sign Your Dishwasher Repair Cost Will Be Extremely High

While the dishwasher isn't a necessary appliance, it does make life much easier, as nobody wants to clean the dishes by hand unless they have to. Therefore, when this appliance stops working, some may rush to a professional repair expert to get it fixed.

However, before you call the repair person, you should first make sure the issue isn't a user error. For instance, using too much detergent could cause a leak, or if you stack your dishes or load too many inside, they may not get sanitized properly. Another common problem many faces is a clogged or dirty filter, which is located beneath the bottom rack and can easily be removed and cleaned. Once you've determined that none of these is the problem, perhaps you want to know how much you should budget for the repair. While the average dishwasher repair cost for any service is $200, this can vary widely, as certain part replacements will cost more than others. 

Priciest dishwasher repairs

The most expensive part of your dishwasher is the motor. If inoperable, this piece will keep your appliance from working altogether, so if it won't run, this is a tell-tale sign that your dishwasher repair cost is going to be expensive. To have a professional substitute your old motor for a new one, expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $600. If you find that this is the issue, investing in a new appliance may be wiser since it costs around $1,000. Further, dishwashers typically last about 10 years, so if yours is pretty close to this mark, it may be best to replace it.

However, just because this appliance won't run doesn't mean the motor is to blame. A broken control panel can also make it malfunction, and to replace this piece, you'd need to pay $200 to $500. However, you may not have to substitute this part, as a reset is sometimes all that's needed, which may cost as little as $50. Another issue that could make your dishwasher not run is a defective door latch, which only costs $150 to $250 to replace.

Cheaper dishwasher repairs

There are also many other pieces that could be broken in your appliance, and discovering that one of these parts is the problem will save you money. The cheapest part is the soap dispenser, which can keep dishes from getting cleaned if it doesn't open properly, and the repairs would cost about $50 to $80. A faulty filter could also cause dirty bowls and plates; if you need to replace this piece, budget $50 to $100. If your sprayer arm isn't working, this would also lead to fewer clean dishes and need to be replaced for $75 to $150. A malfunctioning heating element may leave your dishes less sanitized by cleaning them with cold water, and expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300 to fix this piece.

A leaking dishwasher may be caused by a defective gasket, which would cost $50 to $130 to replace, or your water inlet valve, which would cost $75 to $150. Your drain hose could also be broken, and this piece is responsible for carrying away dirty water. If you notice that the water isn't draining, you may need to pay a professional between $50 to $100 to install a new part. The pump is also responsible for removing dirty water, costing $150 to $400 to replace.