Use Fabuloso In Your Trash Can For A Fresh Smell

Fabuloso has become a household staple for many, and with good reason. The multi-purpose cleaner can be used for a variety of needs, and people continue to find inventive ways to freshen up their homes with it. One of the best hacks is using it to fight odors in one of the hardest areas to do so. If you've been looking for a way to keep your trash can smells at bay — you might have hit the jackpot with this trick. 

Fabuloso has been around since the eighties when it was invented in Venezuela and stood out because of its appealing aroma. One of the biggest draws is that Fabuloso doesn't include bleach, but the cleaning power still gets rid of everything from tough grease stains to dirt and grime. According to the official product website, many household cleaning liquids didn't include any kind of scent, so this option blew people's minds when they realized they could tidy their homes and leave behind a refreshing smell that lasts.

Why it works

You might not realize how much your family members come into contact with the garbage, but everyone in the household touches these receptacles numerous times a day. The bacteria that grows on old food can migrate to the actual bin, and over time it will multiply. It's a good idea to wash trash cans thoroughly once a month to rid the surfaces inside and out of harmful detritus. Scrubbing the inside will peel away layers of grime that might be hiding mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

Nowhere creates a bad odor in the home more than the trash. Taking out the garbage regularly is a must, but Fabuloso can help neutralize the bacteria that can live inside the can after the bag or refuse has been removed. This agent works best when mixed with water, so save this hack for a day when you can properly clean out your trash can.

How to use this hack

Using Fabuloso to clean your bins will help eliminate bacteria, but more than that, it will leave behind a fresh scent for a lasting effect, making your trash can less off-putting throughout the week's haul. For the best results, you can combine 1 cup of the cleaning product with 3 cups of hot water. The heat will help remove stubborn debris, and both liquids can be added directly together into the bin. Start by moving the mixture around inside the can, letting it lap up onto the sides of the bin and all along the interior.

Once you've spread the cleaning solution around, use a scrubbing brush, sponge, or rag to work away any stuck-on debris. These can hold onto foul odors and bacteria, so make sure to focus on getting rid of them. Once they are gone, give the can a good rinse with clean water. The Fabuloso will insure it stays fresh for longer, and the removal of any leftover food or other substances will prevent bad smells from returning too quickly. Using this hack once a month should keep your trash can from becoming an offensive part of your kitchen!