Cork Board Wall Ideas That'll Upgrade Your Home Office (And How To Make One)

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You've probably seen cork boards hanging in places like work offices and children's classrooms, as they provide an easy way to arrange and display information. If you work from home, perhaps you would like a place to do this for yourself, so that you never forget to finish a project or attend a Zoom meeting again. If so, you could install a full cork board wall in your home office. What makes a cork board wall different from a bulletin board is that it covers the entire surface of the wall, creating an oversized look and providing a more customized design. 

These walls are easy to DIY and simple to use; to make one, all you need to do is install rolls of cork with extra long tacks. This design element will clear up space on your office desk, which will also make your room appear more organized. Further, because this feature is unique, it will most likely become the focal point in your space, so decorating it to match your style is important. 

How to cover a wall

Before you begin this DIY project, you'll first need to gather your supplies. The most important items include large, thick rolls of cork and extra-long brass tacks. A hammer, level, and sharp scissors are required as well.

If your wall is wider than your cork roll, you'll want to start applying in the middle, so that the seams between the pieces of cork are even on both sides. Therefore, find the middle of your wall and draw a straight, vertical line with the level. Cut the roll with scissors so that it fits the height of the wall, but include a few extra inches just in case. Then cover the section to the left of the line, and at every 2 feet, pound tacks into the edges of the cork with the hammer. Once you have one roll installed, move to the right side of the line and repeat the process. If you still have any empty space, cut the extra material so that it fits the width and height, then install it in the same manner. If you have any outlets or switches on the wall, you'll need to turn off the electricity and carefully cut around them.

Different cork board wall designs

This unexpected feature is bound to make a statement, so ensuring it matches your room's design is key. Minimalists or those who want a warmer feel in their office could keep the cork exposed. However, perhaps the dark tan material doesn't match your style. If so, there are ways to make it better fit your aesthetic, which will beautifully mix form and function. For instance, you could use spray paint to either give the entire surface a new color or to provide an interesting pattern. If you're going for a modern appearance, geometric shapes or stripes, which could be made with painter's tape, may create the look you're desiring. 

Another way to cover a cork board wall is with fabric. Maximalists could use a bold pattern, while minimalists may want to stick with a neutral, solid fabric, such as in the image above. If you want to elevate the cork wall, you could include a border on the edge or make a frame from wood. Once your wall is looking how you desire, you can cover it with reminders and decorate it with artwork or photographs.