Are Detachable Toilet Seats The Secret To A Truly Clean Toilet?

Nothing says "what a tedious chore," like cleaning a toilet. While it's easy to give it quick, wipe-down swipes or even use one of those products that turn your loo water bright blue, you're probably missing one of the most difficult areas that play an integral part in your potty's structure: the toilet seat hinges. Toilet seat hinges are some of the more difficult spots to clean on the john because they're in an awkward location, full of nooks and crannies, and quickly accumulate bits of grime and debris. Plus, if your hinges are metal, they're highly susceptible to rusting.

Luckily, technology has brought us the detachable toilet seat. Compared to your standard throne seat, the detachable option is a breeze to remove and allows easy access to the nearly impossible-to-reach places on your toilet. The kicker is that once it's off, these seats can be tossed in your shower and rinsed with hot water and soap, which means less time scrubbing and more time tending to the rest of your loo duties.

The seat is part one of the cleaning equation

As mentioned, the most efficient way to clean your toilet is to completely remove the seat, which is anything but an easy feat. (And who really has time for that?) Like this model from Bemis, the detachable toilet seat is a cost-efficient way to quickly get cleaning done so you can move on with your life. It has two hinge cap covers that pop off and expose the hardware underneath. These covers also help keep the toilet seat secure and in place because no one enjoys a wobbly throne. If you want it nice and thoroughly clean, you can easily remove the screws or bolts with only a few twists of your screwdriver or wrench. Detachable toilet seats cost about $20, and installation is pretty straightforward. 

Detachable toilet seats are also efficient at protecting any metal components from moisture, which would inevitably lead to rusting, staining, and hardware so junked up that it's nearly impossible to remove. So not only is it easy to remove and clean, but it's also adding protection to some of the more integral parts of your potty.

Because routine maintenance is also important

While having a detachable toilet seat helps your porcelain throne stay as clean as can be, the second part of the perfectly clean khazi equation is keeping a bathroom cleaning schedule. Ideally, it should be frequent, but you don't want to get up close and personal with your toilet daily, so we recommend sanitizing it at least every week. 

But how repeatedly you clean your toilet will vary from household to household. For instance, giving it a deep clean weekly is a good start if you live alone. If you share your space with more than a few people, you might opt for two or even three cleaning sessions, with sanitizing wipe-downs in between. Wipe-downs are necessary and can be considered preventative maintenance. This ultimately makes it a more expedited cleaning experience when you need to give your toilet an up-close and personal scrubbing.