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This TikTok Raised Garden Bed Template Is A Game Changer

There are many logical reasons to opt for raised beds over in-ground gardens. Perhaps your soil is rocky, comprised of dense clay, or too sandy. Whatever the reason, a recent viral TikTok provides is a brilliant way to save money on your new garden, even if you are not super savvy with power tools.

Before building her bed in the below video, TikTok user perkyplantparent prepares the ground. This step is crucial to smother grass and weeds so they do not grow up through your fresh soil, giving you a weed garden instead of one full of vegetables. For this first step, you only need a few layers of thick cardboard. You could use newspaper or brown paper bags, but those will decompose quickly and may not give you the protection you need. Another option is using a fabric weed barrier, but if you ever want to move your beds, be aware that it can be tough to remove once it's established. For this project, cardboard is your best bet to keep your new raised bed weed-free.

Gather your supplies

We love this raised garden bed template in part due to its incredible simplicity. Once your ground is prepared, all you need for this project is four concrete planter wall blocks, like these from Home Depot. You will also need four boards. To this end, perkyplantparent uses cedar fencing, and while different kinds of wood are an option, cedar is the most popular choice because it lasts longer. Just be sure to avoid treated wood because it can leech toxic chemicals into your soil. In the video, she claimed the total cost of one bed was under $50, but prices will vary depending on where you live and the quality of wood you select. That price also won't include the soil mix.

With all your supplies on hand, you can cut your wood to fit your desired bed size. Many raised beds are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long, but the great thing about this project is that you can make a bed to fit your needs. If you do not want to cut the wood yourself, most home improvement stores, like Lowes and Home Depot, will trim the boards to meet your specifications.

Build your raised garden bed

Now that you have your ground prepared and all your supplies handy, it's time for the shockingly simple process of putting it all together. Place your concrete planter wall blocks on the four corners of where you want your bed, then slide your wood planks into the notches. Since the blocks are only 5 ½ inches tall, you'll probably want to do a second layer as she did in the video, making the bed almost a foot deep. If you don't mind spending more money, you could make your beds taller by stacking more corner pieces and wood. Remember, though, that the deeper the garden bed, the more it will cost to fill it.

Although the blocks were not secured to each other or the ground in the video, one commenter suggested using the hole in the center of the corner blocks to keep everything in place. It would add a small additional cost to the overall project, but driving a piece of rebar into the center of each corner would ensure the beds never shift out of place. Rebar is relatively inexpensive, so we believe this would be a valuable addition to keep the beds secure for many years.

Create your soil mix

Congratulations! You have successfully built your own raised bed while saving money. Now it's time to fill it so you can start gardening. There are several options for filling your beds, but since you saved some cash on building your beds, there's no reason to start overspending now. One way to limit the amount of soil and amendments you need to buy is to fill the bottom with organic items. Gather sticks, leaves, and grass clippings that have not been treated with herbicide. If you do not have much in your yard, ask your neighbors or family. It might seem weird, but you're a gardener now – they'll get used to it. Place your filler items at the bottom of the bed.

You can purchase premade soil mix, but premium options can be pricy. Instead, check if your city or a local non-profit offers inexpensive compost. If you have or can borrow a truck or trailer, you can often get deeply discounted garden soil and compost in bulk. While many different mixtures will grow a good garden, a simple blend of equal parts topsoil, compost, and peat moss is cheap and effective. Now it's time to blend your ingredients, fill the bed, and enjoy your new garden!