Martha Stewart's Old-School Hack To Dress Up Your Drab Dish Soap

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The smallest decorations can sometimes make the most massive difference in how your home looks. This is what Martha Stewart has always understood, and in one of her "Good Things," where she provides solutions that make life more beautiful and efficient, she explains how to upgrade the plastic dish soap bottle next to your kitchen sink. She recommends decanting the liquid into a decorative bottle with a spout.

Completing this hack is extremely simple. The first step is finding the right decorative container, which could be found at most kitchenware stores or other retailers. You'll also need a spout top, which is often used on liquor bottles or oil and vinegar containers. Next, screw off the top of the plastic dish soap bottle and pour the liquid into the decorative container with the help of a funnel. Once the bottle is full, put on the spout and place it next to your sink so it's ready to use every time you wash the dishes.

Benefits of decanting your dish soap

Martha Stewart's "Good Things" hack, which was reposted from 1993 on her TikTok, is so easy to accomplish and takes barely any time to complete. Further, it comes with a number of benefits; for instance, it will obviously benefit the aesthetics of your kitchen by replacing an ugly bottle with a decorative one. And, because you can buy any bottle you desire, it will add a personal touch to your space.

Additionally, instead of having to uncap the plastic dish soap bottle every time you wash the dishes, you'll just need to tip over the spout's container onto your sponge or rag. Similarly, if you often keep your dish soap underneath the sink, this will allow you to keep it on the counter, which will streamline cleaning the dishes and could make this chore much more enjoyable. Finally, decanting your dish soap could save you money while also helping the environment. This is because, when following this hack, you can buy the largest plastic containers of soap, which are often cheaper in the long run and use less plastic than lots of smaller ones. 

Finding the right decorative bottle

While this hack is genius, there is one problem that some people in the comments of Martha Stewart's TikTok pointed out. One person wrote, "My mom does this and the soap takes FOREVER to come out." This is because if all the soap is at the bottom of the bottle, it has to reach the spout when tipped over before it will drip onto your sponge or rag. 

If you don't mind that this is the case, you could look into bottles such as one on Amazon, which has a fun aqua color and a textured pattern. However, perhaps it would bother you if the soap took too long to come out of the spout, in which case you should purchase a bottle with a pump and a straw that reaches the bottom, which could be purchased from Wayfair. When using this type, hold the sponge or rag underneath the pump when pressing down, and the soap will come out right away.