Countertop Dishwashers: The Microwave-Sized Appliance Made For Easy Cleaning

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You know that feeling when you're sitting at work thinking, "Gosh, I just cannot wait to get home to scrub that sink full of dishes from last night?" No? Neither do we. No one thinks that. If anything, we walk a little more quickly past the kitchen to avoid the growing pile of cups. (How do we use so many?) If you're tired of avoiding a full sink of dishes while actively avoiding actually cleaning them, a countertop dishwasher might be the answer to your cognitive dissonance.

Whether you are a renter, cannot currently afford a full-sized dishwasher, or are a single person who only washes a few dishes at a time, countertop dishwashers have you covered. Some options like this one on Amazon don't even have to be hooked up to a water source. Instead, you simply add your detergent, fill the water tank, and let it do all the cleaning you'd rather avoid while you relax on the sofa after a long hard day.

About countertop dishwashers

Although you do not have to connect countertop dishwashers directly to your faucet, many options include a hose that you can hook up instead of filling a tank. How you use it is up to you, and it's nice to have options. Speaking of options, steam settings, multiple washing programs, and even rapid cycles are available on countless models. Depending on the brand you buy, this versatile little piece of machinery may even include a fruit wash cycle.

At this point, you may wonder what this little dishwasher cannot do. Well, it cannot wash many dishes at once, and you will still need to wash your large pots and pans by hand. Still, the flexibility of these products cannot be overstated. You can take them on the road in your RV or even use them in a dorm. Really, you can take these countertop appliances anywhere you need to wash dishes and have access to fresh water and an electrical outlet.

Other benefits

Because countertop dishwashers are so efficient with water, electricity, and space, they might even help you become more environmentally friendly. For example, if you want to ditch plastic cups, plates, and cutlery but cannot face doing the dishes several times a day, this appliance might make that transition from disposable products a little easier.

Also, can we talk about that fruit wash cycle again? That feature alone makes us want to click "add to cart." We love the idea of getting home with our groceries and putting our apples, lemons, and strawberries into our countertop dishwasher, knowing they will come out clean and ready to eat whenever we want a healthy snack. Since countertop space is always at a premium, it is helpful to know that even a small appliance the size of a microwave offers more than one function. And for $250 to $400, depending on the brand and model, you want to know you are getting your money's worth.