Martha Stewart's Favorite Way To Store Her Pots And Pans

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While things like cabinet colors and decorative pieces often change in Martha Stewart's kitchens, one thing stands the test of time: how she organizes her pots and pans. To keep everything easily accessible, she often chooses to store them on a ceiling-mounted rack, which is installed above the island or countertop in the space. According to Stewart, she loves this storage solution because it's so convenient. "It really makes it easy to keep your pots and pans in sight, clean..., and looking great," she says, as shown in a TikTok.

There are a couple of other benefits of using this method as opposed to storing all your pots and pans inside cabinets. If you have limited storage space, perhaps because your kitchen is cramped, this could be a great way to make more room for dishes and other things. It will also help streamline both cooking and cleaning, as you won't make a mess of stacked pans when retrieving or putting back an item.

Ceiling and wall rack options

In Martha Stewart's kitchen, she hangs all her copper pots and pans on a matching rack, which has plenty of hooks to hold all her pieces and is suspended directly from the ceiling. If you want something similar to her piece, there are plenty of options available on Amazon, like this copper rack. Another similar option on Amazon allows you to store items above the hooks, as the top of the rack can be used as a shelf. You could keep small appliances, strainers, large mixing bowls, or anything else on the shelf, which will make more room inside your cabinets for other items. 

However, those with an empty wall or who can't easily reach a ceiling-mounted rack can try wall-mounted racks, like this option from Walmart. This will still provide all the benefits of a ceiling-mounted rack but may make more sense in your kitchen. If you want to use as much vertical space as possible, stack multiple rails above and below one another.

Where to keep the lids

When hanging your pots and pans, there are multiple places you can store the lids. If you want them to be stored with the other items in the collection, try hanging them on their own hooks on a ceiling rack. Another option is to slide them between the wall and a wall-mounted railing, which allows them to be held up by their handles.

Another option is investing in a lid organizer to be kept on the shelf above your ceiling rack or inside a cabinet. Some options expand like an accordion, such as this option from IKEA. These will provide you with tons of adjustable space for all the different-sized lids that go on your pots and pans. Or, if you're really limited on cabinet space, store your lids on the inside of a cabinet door with the help of an organizer, like this one from Amazon.

What Stewart has to say about pot racks

Some believe that storing your pots and pans inside bottom cabinets is the best choice, as they'll be hidden away and won't contribute to a cluttered appearance. However, Martha Stewart has a different take. "It's very hard to use an under-counter space to store pots because they have to be stacked and they're in small areas and then you have to take everything out to get what you need," Stewart says in an interview with Frederic

Instead, she loves using a ceiling-mounted rack because it makes everything accessible. "You can see what you have and which pot you need for the specific job at hand, and grab it." Additionally, for Stewart, not everything is about aesthetics, especially in the kitchen. She says, "Kitchens are workspaces! Practicality above all else." If your only reason for storing pots and pans in cabinets is because of how it makes your kitchen look, you may want to reconsider this choice. 

What fans have to say about Stewart's kitchen

Among Martha Stewart's viewers, the consensus on her storage solution is divided, as demonstrated in the comments on her kitchen organization YouTube video by CBS Sunday Morning. Some believe that hiding away pots and pans inside cabinets is still the best option. "Most spaces benefit from storing objects out of sight, in beautiful minimalist storage units. Having so many things in view all the time exhausts one's spirit." In another comment, a viewer writes that a ceiling rack just isn't very practical in most homes. "Not many of us have all that room... No room to hang pots? What then?"

However, others agree with Stewart, saying that it's best to keep all your items out in the open. "I love the orderliness, with everything easy to reach. Makes life in the kitchen a breeze." Another fan adds, "Your kitchen is really a dream kitchen for one who 'uses' their kitchen," pointing out that Stewart's storage solutions don't always focus on form but rather on adding functionality to the space.