The Simple WD-40 Hack For Removing Water Stains Off Glass Shower Doors

A lubricant blend, WD-40 is commonly used to protect things around the home from rust and corrosion, but it can also clean; specifically, it can clean the glass shower doors in a bathroom. For noticeable hard water stains, simply spray the product onto the shower-door surface and remove it with a soft rag after about 15 minutes. While waiting, you could scrub the stubborn stains with either a sponge or super-fine steel wool, but this isn't a necessary step.

Along with being simple, another benefit of this WD-40 hack for your shower's glass surfaces is that it'll also eliminate any soap scum or grime. Further, as a displacer of water, the WD-40 formula will also work as a preventative against any quick return of those hard water stains.

Note, truly difficult stains may need more than one application. If so, simply repeat the 15-minute process until the shower-door glass is clear. Another cleaning tip is to wash the glass with dish soap afterward.

Cleaning with WD-40 throughout the bathroom

As noted in the TikTok above, you can hack WD-40 to work anywhere you desire in the shower, including on the valve. To clean this area, spray, wait for a few minutes, then wipe with a clean cloth and rinse with water. If stains or grime often get stuck in your shower tile grout, try washing this area in the same way with some WD-40. Further, just as this product easily removes stains from glass shower doors, it will also do the same for your bathroom mirrors.

Another WD-40 hack for the bathroom is to clean your toilet bowl with it. Most of the stains inside your toilet are caused by the minerals in hard water, and this product's solution will remove them in much the same way as for the shower doors. Simply spray WD-40 into the bowl, leave it for a few minutes, then scrub.

Finally, if you suspect your pipes are clogged because of hard water minerals, try spraying a small amount of WD-40 up the shower or sink faucet using the product's red straw. This should loosen up anything that could be stuck, leading to better water flow.

Why WD-40 is a better choice than other cleaners

While there are many other products that could be used to tackle the areas listed above, WD-40 may be the preferred choice, as the lubricant has no harsh scent. Further, in most cases, only a small amount needs to be used for any cleaning hack, and the cans are quite affordable (for example, you can buy a 12-ounce can for under $8 at Target), so using it as an additional household cleaner could save you money.

WD-40 also proves effective when tackling rust or mineral buildup. And while other products may be able to remove these things as well, they often require a bit of scrubbing, which could scratch or damage metal or porcelain surfaces. On the other hand, just letting WD-40 sit in the area for a few minutes should loosen whatever you want to remove so that it can easily be wiped off.

Because you typically don't need to press very hard when washing away this multiuse product, it could help you maintain your bathroom fixtures, like your sinks, faucets, and toilet bowl.