HGTV's Cheap Old Houses Gets Set For Another Season With A Home 'Casting Call' In Massachusetts

HGTV's popular show, "Cheap Old Houses," is coming to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. The program is inspired by Ethan and Elizabeth Finkelstein, a couple who channeled their passion for old homes into a popular Instagram account that has now inspired a successful show on the renovation network. The couple travel around the country to find architectural gems that highlight the quality craftsmanship of a bygone era. Rich in history and natural beauty, the Berkshires is a prime spot to discover a wealth of older homes. In order to be featured on the show, each house must be at least 100 years old and bought for less than $150,000. HGTV is now conducting a 'casting call' in the Berkshires to discover homes that meet this description.

The producers of "Cheap Old Houses" have stated that they are looking for properties that have been recently purchased, and they prefer ones where the owners have not moved in yet. They intend to feature homes with original architectural details that have not been modified. If a homeowner's application is approved, the restoration will be completed by professional interior designers and historic preservationists, however, the homeowners will need to contribute to the cost of the construction. If you own a historic home in the Berkshires that you would like to be considered, you are encouraged to complete an application at Cheap Old Houses.

Preserving the future

When they first met, the Finkelsteins were drawn together by their love of restoring old homes. With Elizabeth's master's degree in historical preservation and Ethan's expertise in digital marketing, they've attracted over two million followers on their Instagram account, which is filled with historic treasures in need of restoration. As they continue their journey together on HGTV, they intend to lead eager viewers on a tour of carefully selected homes that still have a story to tell.

Viewers will watch as each home, rich in character and priced well below average, is restored to its original beauty. The process carefully preserves the architectural details of the house but updates it so that it's suitable for new owners. Elizabeth and Ethan believe that the message they're sharing is that the true American dream does not require the newest and most expensive home on the block. They're setting an example that shows it's worth pausing to appreciate the craftsmanship and stories of the past. As they give their viewers a picture of what it's like to cherish and restore an old house, they're also telling the story of a home that will soon be filled with new memories.