Incorporate Duct Tape Into Your Sweeping Routine So No Dirt Is Left Behind

Duct tape is a sturdy product that can fix a number of problems around the house, and it might offer more uses than you already know. While repairing and holding together broken items might be the primary use for this tough adhesive, it can also make sweeping easier. If you struggle to brush up that last line of dirt's defense (also known as the dreaded dustpan line), sticking duct tape down first could be the answer you've been looking for.

One strip of this silver tape positioned along the edge of your dustpan will adhere it to the floor for a seamless finish. From there, all you have to do is brush dirt and debris into the opening, and then remove the tape once the job is done. It's simple, efficient, and requires little effort on your part. Having a stationary vestibule to hold dust and dirt also means less effort managing the pan and broom as you navigate everything around the floor.

How the duct tape hack works

Duct tape boasts a smooth surface that allows all dirt, dust, and even hair to slide over it into your dustpan. The sticky underside will keep it from lifting off most flooring materials while also bridging that obnoxious gap between the edge of the pan and your surface. Measure out a strip of tape that runs the length of your dustpan. Then, start at one end and begin adhering it to the floor, avoiding bubbles or lifts. Secure it by running a hand over the tape before you start sweeping.

Once you've finished a particular room or space, gently remove the tape, taking your time to protect any finish that sits on your flooring surface. Duct tape adhesive is made of rubber-constructed glue, which allows it to pull away from materials without ruining them, unlike other types of tape. It's strong enough to hold items together (or keep your dustpan flat against the floor), but it isn't so sticky that it leaves behind residue or damage. Throw away used pieces and repeat this hack in any room with vinyl, laminate, wood, or tile floors.

Why duct tape is the best adhesive

Duct tape boasts more benefits than a lot of other tapes for several reasons. The materials used to make it include polythene and fabric as the top and middle layers, which creates a durable option for adhesion or flattening the dustpan to the floor. The top of the tape is smooth and slick, allowing for items to slide over it — including fine particles of dust. Different types of tape could work for this hack, but duct tape offers the most advantages, as you only need a little and it is very affordable.

It is also waterproof, meaning that if your broom or floors happen to be a little wet, it won't disintegrate or fall apart. Keeping it nearby will prove to make sweeping a breeze, and it can be used whenever you need to tackle a mess. Make sure to test a small piece on your flooring to ensure it is safe to use on its finish before trying this trick.