The Wheelable Laundry Room Hack That Makes Putting Clothes Away A Breeze

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When doing laundry, one of the hardest challenges is moving your clean clothes from the laundry room to the closet. Some may put the fresh garments in their hamper, but unless the basket is cleaned frequently, this may be unhygienic, as it was recently filled with dirty laundry. Others may simply bear hug their fresh garments and carry them to the closet, but they may drop small items like socks or create wrinkles. Instead of these options, the best way to transport your clothes may be with the help of a wheelable laundry cart, which can easily be rolled from one room to the other. 

There are many options to choose from, including the KINGRACK garment rack, which is sold on Amazon, costs about $60, and comes with a place to hang attire as well as two shelves for loose items or folded clothes. To make this piece useful for transporting items, place all your clean clothes straight from the dryer onto the rack or shelves, then roll the cart into your closet and put it all away.

Benefits of a rolling laundry cart

Besides helping you put away your clothes more conveniently, there are also a number of other benefits that come with using a rolling garment cart. The hanging zone could be used for air drying garments that shouldn't go in the dryer, thereby replacing your need for a separate drying rack. Additionally, if your home has limited storage, this product can also be used to store pieces of your wardrobe all the time. Or, you could place it near the front door and keep your coats, shoes, and bags on it.

Often, garment racks have a very sleek and minimalist design, meaning they will fit just about any aesthetic. As far as colors are concerned, depending on your tastes, you can either choose a neutral hue that blends in or a more vibrant option for a pop of color. While some garment racks don't come with wheels, you'll want to find one that does as wheels make it extra easy to move the rack from one room to another.

Things to consider before purchasing

The most important thing you should consider before purchasing this cart is how far away your laundry room is from your closet. If these rooms are on separate floors, a wheelable rack would not be helpful, as you'd have to carry it up and down the stairs. This was the main concern on Julie Kay's TikTok where she showcased the idea, as many said things like, "Love the cart but my laundry is two floors away from where it goes."

Also, consider the price; while some may consider a $60 garment rack to be reasonable, others may think it's pretty steep for a product that's not completely necessary. In fact, some commented things like, "A lot of wasted money," and "We get it, you're rich" on Julie Kay's TikTok. Finally, ponder if you have enough room for the piece, as those with a limited amount of square footage may not be able to store it properly. If any of these reasons end up being a concern, an alternative option is purchasing a separate laundry basket reserved just for transporting clean clothes, perhaps one that's collapsable and sold on Amazon