Is A Pedestal Sink Right For Your Bathroom?

A bathroom sink and faucet undoubtedly make a statement. And from modern to traditional, cottage to industrial, a pedestal sink can pull together the look you're going for. But before you go shopping, be sure to think about a few factors. 

House Digest spoke with Katelyn Irizarry, design director at PRD Custom Homes & Interiors, for advice on how to get started. She broke it down into the three S's: Storage. Space. Style. "I've found most of my clients are primarily concerned about storage," says Irizarry. "Whether you're designing a powder room or a primary bathroom, space is almost always the number one consideration."

If your bathroom is used often and you choose a pedestal sink, you'll need cabinets or other storage areas for items such as cleaning supplies and towels. It's important to keep in mind that while you may be minimizing your sink footprint with a pedestal option, it may up your need for bulkier storage solutions. That's why a powder room is often the best spot for this sink choice. The smaller fixture will take up less room and make your space seem bigger by giving the illusion of an ampler room.

Specs and space planning

"In setting up a bathroom, something people don't always consider is the placement of the toilet, sink and walls," notes Irizarry. "This isn't just a question about building permits, it's also a comfort factor. A pedestal sink allows you to create a more spacious layout in a smaller space." Look at the layout of your existing bathroom. If you aim to stay with the current plumbing setup, note where your plumbing comes out of the wall, how high it is, and whether you need a sink- or wall-mounted faucet, advises Irizarry. 

If you can invest a little more and move plumbing, that will increase your options. While Irizarry notes that the average pedestal sink ranges from 21 to 36 inches wide and about 33 to 34 inches tall, there are countless variations. "Your faucet or basin can determine a lot," she adds. "A sink can have a single or multiple holes for plumbing, or none, which then requires a wall-mounted faucet."

Hey good looking

A pedestal sink creates a feeling of airy openness that you can't always achieve with a bulkier cabinet. Plus, there are a lot of options to personalize, depending on your budget. Therefore, be ready to spend anywhere from $325 to $730. You can opt for traditional with a column base or choose a more modern feel with straighter lines.

Irizarry and her design-build firm are creating a lot of innovative looks with exposed plumbing. "This is a really cool way to incorporate an industrial vibe with some European flair," she says. "Just be sure to match all the metal finishes in your bathroom — from the faucet to the drain to any exposed plumbing so nothing looks like an afterthought." This extra effort goes a long way in creating a cohesive look.

Taking into account the three S's of storage, space and style can help you determine if a pedestal sink is suitable for your bathroom. And it's also a great way to organize your design plans and manage your budget.