The Extension Hack That Adds Serious Countertop Space To Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen countertop space is a precious commodity no matter the size of your kitchen or the scope of your favorite culinary creations. Fortunately, we've found the perfect hack to extend the length of your workspace without taking up any additional storage. Better yet, this project is simple enough to do yourself, and it won't clash with the kitchen's current aesthetic.

Picture an extension that's attached by hinges to the end of your counter. When you don't need the additional surface, the extension is folded down to where it hangs flush to the side of the counter along with a bracket under the extension.

Once you need more workspace, then you simply push the extension up and adjust the bracket to hold the extra piece in place. After you're finished using this fold-down countertop extension, then you can fold the bracket back into its place while folding the extension in place, and then fold it down. By adding even just a few inches of space, you'll have an easier time with your prep work.

Adding length to your countertop

To create this handy extension or flip countertop, you'll need to choose a material for the flat surface. One suggestion is to use a wood butcher's block which is versatile enough to coordinate with just about any color scheme in your kitchen. However, plywood would also work just as well,  once it is sanded and completely finished and sealed. This is especially a great way to go if you'd like to add a decorative design by using your router.  Plus, you can choose from different tones when adding the final finish. Just make sure that the wax, oil, or stain is safe to come in contact with food. As another suggestion, you might consider completing the finishing process prior to installation which might be easier than trying to work around the hardware once the slab is attached.  

For the actual installation, you'll need to anchor the wood to your counter using piano hinges which allow you to fold the piece down. These hinges can go directly underneath the existing countertop if there's enough space, or you can attach them to a narrow block right below as long as the setup is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the wood and anything else that is placed on top.

The bracket that supports the countertop can also be crafted from wood and attached to the counter's side with a hinge to fold it inward. Or you can use metal brackets which work just as well.

Benefits of extending your countertop

Once you have this handy addition to your countertop, you'll see how much more space you have for prepping. This wood block also works well as a small table where someone can sit, enjoy a snack, and chat with the chef. Another purpose (if it can hold the weight) involves designating that spot for a slow cooker or any other cooking appliance that you don't use every day, so as to keep the rest of your counter space free for other tasks.

The other perk is this attachment doesn't take up any extra space once it's folded down. In a small, galley-style kitchen, the extension is quite beneficial where you don't have much room. Even if you have a bigger kitchen with an island, you can still add this wood block to just one end of the island itself or one on each end to create an instant breakfast bar. Additionally, this area could be used for serving if you're using your counter as a buffet.