15 Statement Dining Tables For Your Kitchen Accent Piece

Your dining table is where you often gather with family and friends, so choosing the right one is of the utmost importance. Ultimately, how you plan to use a kitchen dining table coupled with the size of the room will be the biggest influential factors regarding which one you choose. But beyond the perfect dining table size and shape, you can look for a furniture piece with unique details that will have all eyes drawn to it.

For smaller spaces, round tables are the ideal option. The circular shape allows anyone to slide around to the other side of the table, and they often come in elegant statement-worthy materials like marble and glass. And because they're generally smaller than rectangular tables, they easily fit into eating nooks and tight spaces. Of course, if your kitchen flows into a dedicated dining room, you'll be able to fit a much larger table. In these cases, a long, rectangular table is a great option, and something you can find in all sorts of colors and patterns with uniquely shaped frames.

1. A little pop of color

Most dining tables are neutral in their color schemes, but for those who want something a little more eye-catching and colorful, the Parsons dining table may be what you're looking for. The entire table surface features a nature motif with flowers, greenery, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies. A patterned dining table is unexpected, so this is the ideal piece of furniture for anyone looking to make a statement in their home, especially one with maximalist, botanical, or cottagecore décor themes.

2. Modern metallic and glass

For those who prefer the sleek look in their dining space, the Meme pedestal dining table combines metal and glass to perfection. The metallic table legs add an artistic and sculptural aspect, which will make it feel as if you're dining atop modern art. Meanwhile, the glass adds an airy, window-like element to the space; because it won't visually take up room, the glass top works for small spaces by giving the appearance of a more open flow.

3. Rustic farmhouse table

The farmhouse aesthetic is charming and comfortable. Meant to be a gathering place, a traditional farmhouse table is large and sturdy, making it the perfect piece of furniture for family dinners and for those who enjoy entertaining. The Banks extending dining table perfectly captures the coziness and rustic charm of traditional farmhouse décor. Made from poplar, this table will add the texture and comforting colors of nature to your space. It's 6 feet long with two removable leaves, making this table ideal for larger eat-in kitchens where lots of people gather.

4. Statement legs

With sculptural pedestal legs that will instantly attract anyone's attention, the Terrace dining table lets you bring the beauty of an art gallery into your home. The legs are sculpted from stone, which gives the table a distinct feeling of classical art. The contrasting stone top adds beautiful texture to the piece. For homes that combine classical materials with modern whimsy, this table will be the most talked about piece in the house.

5. Contemporary wood table

Transitional design seamlessly blends together contradicting elements. It offers all the comforts of traditional homes with some more contemporary trends and colors mixed in. The Lakeland dining table captures that feeling. This contemporary wooden option brings in the cozy, natural warmth of wood with clean lines for a sleek design. Minimalistic without becoming austere, this is the ideal table to bridge the gap between the two design styles. This table is round and 4 feet across, so it will fit in a nook or smaller kitchen with ease.

6. Fluted wood table

Fluted furniture pieces were once a major trend and have become a timeless way to incorporate art deco in your home. Popular in older furniture pieces, the Providence dining table has an air of the antique thanks to the fluted skirt underneath the tabletop. Coming in blond wood with minimalist features, the table also has an aura of modernity. With an understated glamor, this table will be a subtle centerpiece in your kitchen.

7. Geometric pedestal base

Geometric shapes can add plenty of visual interest to a space. The BLU Home Coulter dining table has an octagonal pedestal base that adds depth to the standard pedestal style. Made from ash wood, this table also brings in some of the beauty of nature. The variation with the wood rings adds plenty of texture along with the warmth of natural wood. It's a perfect choice for a kitchen dining nook.

8. Concrete dining table

Concrete is not a common material for interior furniture, which makes it the perfect material for anyone who prefers to display a bit of uniqueness in their home. The Sonny round dining table is made from fiber-reinforced concrete with a distressed finish. It'll fit well with industrial and modern interiors, yet the neutral coloring allows it to blend well with a variety of color schemes and styles. It's sure to be a furniture piece that will garner plenty of comments and admiration.

9. Intimate rustic table

Having a smaller kitchen doesn't mean having to give up any kind of style. The Litchfield round dining table measures 42 inches across, so it's ideal for tight spaces. It'll create an intimate dining experience for morning breakfasts and romantic dinners alike. The base features boards in an X-shape that will add a bit of design, but still easily blend with the décor around it. And the light brown wood stain works well with rustic, traditional, and natural-inspired interiors.

10. Arched legs

Unique legs are one of the best ways to make a dramatic and unexpected statement with your dining table. The Four Hands Sorrento dining table features arches that make it seem like the tabletop is in a delicate balance. The unique look is sure to capture the attention of your dinner guests. While the construction of the table is different than most, the wood finish adds a traditional element that allows it to work with a variety of interior design styles.

11. Marble top table

Elegant and timeless, marble is a favorite material for many homeowners. The Silhouette pedestal table comes in white and black marble, both of which have stunning veining that adds texture to the piece. An antique brass pedestal base makes a statement on its own. The sleek design and mixed materials create a dramatic modern style. Pedestal bases allow for more space to pull up chairs, and the round table top facilitates conversation. Use it in the spot where friends and family come together most often.

12. Modern glamorous dining table

A little glamor and a little art combine to create this statement piece. The Holly pedestal dining table feels like it could be in an art museum with its mix of texture and graphic architectural style. A faux marble slab and mirrored stainless steel bars create a crossed frame that looks sleek and modern. The mirrored effect is especially ideal for those who like an elevated look in their homes. The X-frame pedestal base also allows for lots of legroom under the table.

13. Rattan and glass top

A little boho chic and a little modern, the Villa & House Alma Center dining table is a stylish option for someone looking to increase the texture in their space. Made with a bleached oak finish, the wood graining already adds a natural texture, but the tabletop steals the show with woven cane encased in glass. Caning has been on-trend in recent years for a variety of furniture pieces for the bohemian-inspired texture it adds to a space.

14. European antique dining table

Welcome back the charm and elegance of old world Europe into your home with the Dolcetto round dining table. The inspiration for this design, shown through sturdy elements, a rich wooden finish, and ornate details around the pedestal base, came from century-old European farmhouses. Details carved by hand not only make the table look antique but also a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for the dining area of your kitchen. The table is expandable, so you can keep it small for a nook or fit more chairs around it for larger gatherings.

15. Mid-century pedestal table

Mid-century modern décor continues to be a popular option for interior design. Many love the style for the minimalist and sculptural pieces that have come to mark the decades. The lacquered oval tulip table came to prominence during the 1950s, when it became a staple of mid-century homes. These tables are still considered timeless today. This modern version of the classic tulip table features a sleek pedestal base with iconic curves. The oval table top facilitates conversation by allowing you to easily pull up more chairs. A white lacquered finish completes the sleek and ultra-modern look.