TikTok's Hidden Costco Door Hack Is Genius For Unloading Groceries

Costco shopping trips are always productive, and once everything has been put away, a sense of satisfaction settles over the house. While this feeling is worth the work, wouldn't it be nice if unloading your Coscto loads was a little easier? After all, carrying multiple boxes from the garage and through the house can be taxing. That's why a hidden door could be the answer to your shopping troubles and might make these big hauls more fun to put away.

This ingenuous TikTok hack shows a garage and pantry attached by a secret hidden door nestled inside floor-level cabinets. The opening is big enough to hand packages and boxes through, but small enough to remain tucked away until a shopping load arrives. Not only does this trick make it easier to move groceries from the car to your pantry, but it will save time so you can move on to other tasks quickly.

The Costco hack you've been waiting for

In the video, a lower cabinet opens to reveal a "Costco door" where family members can pass large and small items directly from the garage and car into the house. This family has theirs directly attached to their pantry, making it easy to store everything once it's handed in. Buying in bulk is beneficial, but also requires effort, which is why having easy access to your kitchen is such a perk. While the smaller door is an easy solution and won't take up much of your garage wall, there are also full-sized options that let you walk through instead of bending over to push goods in.

One TikTok user notes that the size of the door usually depends on the size of the pantry. When building a home or adding this clever hack during a renovation, it's helpful to consider how much space your pantry will take up. If it is extensive, then a full-size door will fit in with the architectural structure, but smaller spaces might look better with the tiny version.

Tips for implementing a Costco door

The key to making this trend work is having a cooking area that sits next to your garage or carport. Costco doors come with a closure that keeps unwanted visitors (like raccoons or other animals) from getting in, but it's important to remember to keep them closed against the outside when not in use. These additions are ideal for everyone, but especially if heavier loads are or have become a burden for older family members.

The drawbacks of a Costco door come down to your pantry's layout. If it doesn't boast a decent amount of space to walk around inside, the grocery opening could cause things to pile up and make it hard to organize once items have been slid inside. If you do opt for this clever hack and your pantry allows for it, make sure to add a lock to keep younger family members from using it unsupervised.