HGTV's Nate Berkus' Boyhood Fantasy Comes True With His Signature Home Decor Line

Nate Berkus has seen a childhood dream come to life with the launch of his new Nate Home Signature Collection, available exclusively at Bloomingdale's. Berkus shared via Instagram that the first time he visited Bloomingdale's was when he was 11 years old, on a youth trip to New York City. That childhood visit made an impression on him, and he still remembers it as a significant experience that inspired him. As Berkus observes his collection being featured in the famous front window of Bloomingdale's, he remarks, "This is an iconic moment for me, a real milestone today."

He reflects further about that first visit by remembering, "We were coming from the Midwest and Bloomingdale's was the only place (at the time) where you could get certain designer clothing, ... a certain homeware line, etc. and that they were one of the first department stores to develop a signature collection. I remember being fascinated with that." Now Berkus is excited to feature his own signature collection, and it's easy to see why this feels like a personal achievement for the designer.

Nate Home Signature Collection

In partnership with mDesign, the Nate Home Signature Collection is a follow-up to the Nate Home Core Collection. The Signature Collection is priced slightly higher than the Core Collection, with products ranging in price from $48 to $448. Susan Lizan-Immerman, co-founder and CEO of mDesign, describes the quality of the Signature Collection by noting that "you're definitely on a different level with regard to the materials that we're using for Signature. It allows us to really elevate the product." She continues by saying, "These Signature sheets are probably going to be the most comfortable, buttery beautiful sheets that you'll want to [sleep] in. The sheets are absolutely magnificent" (via Forbes).

Focusing on luxury bed and bath products, the collection features items such as the chunky yarn throw blanket woven in handsome black and cream. It also includes elegant bedding showcased in styles such as the broken stripe fabric with stylish button closures featured on Berkus's Instagram page. Berkus describes his collection as "an extension of my philosophy that luxury is rooted in comfort and enduring style." He continues by describing his vision for this line. "We were very intentional when choosing fabrics, colors, and textures for this collection in order to create what I know matters, to consumers, to myself as a consumer, and to the Bloomingdale's customer," Berkus says. It is a vision that began during his first childhood visit to Bloomingdale's.