Keep Your Linen Sets Organized With A Simple Pillowcase Hack

Did you know that many household experts recommend stocking three sets of bedding and linens per family member? While this number ensures everyone has enough to go around during laundry day, it can also fill up your linen closet quickly and leave the shelves looking a bit loaded. However, a simple hack can organize all these pieces and keep them fresh for use! The best part is: you can finally put those excess pillowcases to use!

This trick will help you keep all of your sets together, so the next time you need to make up a bed, there won't be any moments of: "Where is the matching fitted sheet?" By storing your bedding inside unused pillowcases, each piece will be neatly tucked away and easy to grab when needed. Often times these excess linens go to waste, especially if you bought a set that provides more cases than you need. Now, you have the ideal place to utilize them!

Store bedding inside your pillowcases

Once you've washed and dried your linens, find a pillowcase from a matched collection that is big enough to hold all the pieces. Queen and king pillowcases will be best, as they offer enough room to hold the sheets and other cases. Fold everything tightly into a rectangular shape, then insert your pile into the case. If you happen to have mismatched or unused pillow covers that you would rather use instead, these work just as well. If you pile everything according to bedding size, it will provide a simple way to find what you're looking for, or you can keep sets together by what room they belong in.

Using a pillowcase from the matching set has its benefits, as it allows you to know which bedding you're pulling out. If you opt to use a different pillowcase that doesn't have a home, you can label it with a sharpie or leave a small bit of the inner bedding peaking out so you can locate the design or pattern you're looking for easily. This hack will help you avoid ransacking the linen closet down the line to find matches for each piece.

Tips for keeping your bedding fresh

More perks of using a pillowcase to store your linens include less chance of dust settling on your fresh sheets. Despite regularly vacuuming and dusting, fibers can shed and create buildup over time. With each set stored safely in a case, they will come out looking as good as the day you laundered them, free from debris. If you want to upgrade this trick, add a spare piece of fabric that has essential oils dripped onto it and place it between the sheets.

This will give a nice scent to your linens without feeling too overpowering. You can also try dryer sheets or cotton balls that have been scented. By keeping your bedding together and orderly, you are not only saving space in your linen closet but also making bed changeouts a breeze! To keep the pillowcase fresh, throw it in with a load of laundry once you've taken the linens out to use.