What Is Concentrated Laundry Detergent And How To Use It

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Liquid laundry detergent containers are usually large and heavy, which can be inconvenient to carry and creates extra plastic waste. However, some brands offer concentrated formulas to remedy these issues. This means that the liquid contains less water and is formulated primarily using essential cleaning ingredients. Because of this, these bottles are often much smaller, making them lighter and easier to carry.

Concentrated products can be used the same way as regular ones, namely by measuring the correct amount and pouring it into the washing machine. However, since concentrated formulas aren't diluted with lots of water, they're much more potent, so you need to use less liquid. Most people use anywhere from 2 to 8 tablespoons of regular detergent, depending on how large their load is. However, with a concentrated formula, you should use less; some say that 2 tablespoons should be the max, and you'll typically need less than this. To determine the exact amount you should use, check the product's instructions, often found on the back of the bottle.

Why using less product is so important

You might run into some issues if you accidentally use more concentrated laundry detergent than you need. First, too much liquid could cause problems with your washing machine, as it may create an abundance of suds. It could also damage your laundry, as the detergent may leave a film of residue that would be hard to remove. Another concern is that consistently using too much product wastes money and resources.

Many people use double the amount of concentrated detergent than needed for several reasons. Some may be used to pouring the amount they use with regular formulas, while others may simply guess the amount they need. Another problem is that many fail to read the instructions on the back of the product's packaging. Further, measuring cups can be difficult to decipher; while some have the fill line halfway up, others require you to fill to the brim, and reading the measurements can be difficult. If you find the measuring cup hard to work with, use one of your own measuring spoons from the kitchen instead. 

Concentrated laundry detergent options

Switching to concentrated laundry detergent could make laundry day easier and help the environment by wasting less water and plastic. If you need some recommendations, Seventh Generation offers a concentrated formula free of fragrances, dyes, and artificial brighteners. Persil also sells a concentrated offering that comes in a bulk size for large, budget-conscious families who are constantly using the washing machine.

If measuring out the right amount of product is difficult or inconvenient for you, there are some other options you could try. While many may not know this, Tide Pods are a form of concentrated laundry detergent. This is because they contain essential cleaning ingredients and very little water. While they use more plastic than other products, you'll never have to measure the right amount of liquid, which could be a plus. Finally, you could try Earth Breeze's dissolving Eco Sheets, which look similar to dryer sheets but are made to wash clothes in the washing machine.