Can You Really Put Essential Oils In Your Air Filter?

Are there any home hacks you've heard about that seem too good to be true? For example, the idea of placing essential oils on your air filters to produce a fresh scent without plug-ins or candles almost sounds like a trick that would have some drawbacks. However, some HVAC specialists believe this little tactic is a cost-efficient and easy way to elevate the smell of your abode.

No matter how often you clean, sometimes a certain room or the whole house can attract a musty scent, particularly during rainy or humid seasons. While store-bought scents are a great way to bring in a pleasant aroma, these can sometimes be too overpowering and aren't always good for children or pets over extended periods. In fact, unless your home has the necessary ventilation, candles can actually produce enough toluene that can cause eye and skin irritation, as well as headaches, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Swapping these out for essential oils could be the answer to an inviting dwelling that always smells good.

How to get the best results

This hack takes only a few minutes and can be done whenever you're swapping out your air filters. After removing the old one, add about 20drops of your favorite essential oil to the new filter. Whenever your HVAC system runs, the airflow will catch the essential oil's scent and disperse it throughout your house. Because these drops are natural, they contain fewer chemicals than standard plug-ins. The scent should last for about a month, and this little trick is also helpful in serving as a reminder to change your filters regularly.

When the nice aroma starts to fade, you can use that to indicate it's time to replace that room's filter! You also have the option to play mixologist and combine different oils to create your own air fresheners. More than just providing your home with a pleasant smell, some essential oils actually deter pests like flies and mosquitos from coming inside, especially with scents like citronella and peppermint.

Tips for using essential oils

As with any hack, knowing how to properly take advantage of this one will ensure it only adds value to your daily routine. Some people can react negatively to essential oils and have allergic reactions, so it's best to consult with a health professional before testing this hack out, according to Filter Time. As with any item you can purchase online or in-store, different brands might add different ingredients, so do the research to find high-quality selections for the best results.

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways within your home, and if you're looking to boost your fragrance experience, you can also add a few drops to a bit of baking soda and sprinkle it on the carpet or rugs. Allow the combination to remain on the floor for several hours, then vacuum everything up. This trick, along with the essential oils on the air filters, will leave your home smelling great from the ground up.