10 Drippy Shelf Ideas That Nail The Melty Storage Trend

Funky, groovy, social-media core; however you want to describe it, home décor is heading in a postmodern direction. Characterized by bright and saturated colors, graphic patterns, and organic and abstract forms, postmodernism began in the 1970s and rose to prominence in the '80s, particularly with Memphis Design. The essence of postmodernism in interior design can still be seen in contemporary work. And if you scroll through the DIY and home décor side of social media, you'll often notice this style mixed with Danish pastel and groovy '70s-inspired looks.

Furniture that looks like it's melting and dripping has become one of the more popular options on social media, with many people DIYing the trend and small businesses creating it as a signature product. This décor piece has graphic drips that make it look like the shelf is melting off the wall. The trend is playful and trippy, infusing some fun into a typically overlooked piece. Melty storage creates a unique detail while displaying books, plants, or other decorative objects.

1. Soft pastel drip shelf

A classic drippy design, this shelf from Sofiest Designs looks like icing dripping off the side of a cake. The peachy finish adds a soft pop of color, ideal for interiors that use shades in subtle hints. The fun, classic drip shape is a bit cartoonish but not in a way that feels childish. It'll add a cute and quirky detail and fit well with trending styles like Danish pastel and funky maximalist. This drip shelf will be great for holding smaller items like candles, decorative objects, and bud vases.

2. Neon slime drip

Go a little brighter with a shelf that looks like it's oozing neon green slime. Made from acrylic, these shelves from Acrylic USA Made are a little bit translucent, which gives them a slight glow when hung up on the wall or when light hits it the right way. The vibrant color is ideal for anyone who prefers bolder shades. 

3. Slip drip shelf

Give the illusion that your shelf is sliding down the wall. This drippy shelf from Well and Loves can be hung with the drips facing up or down, and the ledge will remain functional. With the drips facing upwards, it looks as though you have oozing liquid sliding down the wall and culminating in a puddle. Available in various colors, this shelf is a fun accent for kids and adults alike.

4. Candle drip shelf

This TikTok DIY shows the transformation of a regular shelf into moody, witchy décor using white taper candles (via TikTok). User @chandlermarieking lights the candles and heats a path down the front to allow the melted wax to drip down the front and off the edge. The finished project will likely take a few days and a few candles to cover the front edge with wax, but when it's done, it looks fit for a spooky apothecary run by the town witch.

5. Iridescent drip shelf

Make a drippy shelf a little more magical with this shelf By Robyn Blair. Inspired by the sweetness of candy, this shelf is made from an iridescent material with blue, purple, and pink flashes. The shelf looks like melted candy or icing sliding down the wall. Place it in a position where it would catch the light to get the full depth of color of this unique statement piece.

6. Shadow drip shelf

To do this trend, the shelf itself doesn't always have to be the one dripping. TikTok user @shopcurioushnl chose a shelf with a wavy edge to create a shadow that looks like it's trickling down the walls (via TikTok). Wavy and abstract shapes have been popular trends on social media for all kinds of home decor pieces, so this is an easy way to add them to your home. Place the shelves underneath an overhead light to exaggerate the shadows.

7. DIY wood drip shelf

TikToker @blondesigns shows how to create a drippy wood shelf with a few basic wood tools (via TikTok). They drew a dripping pattern onto a block of wood before using a jig saw to cut the shelf down to size and to cut out the pattern. They then painted it a light purple before affixing it to a wall. If you're one to take on a project, this will be relatively easy to undertake. And this DIY is a great way to get dripping shelves that match your decor.

8. Layered wood drip shelf

This dripping shelf, made by TikTok artist @psychedelicplywood, is a sculptural art piece (via TikTok). Made of sculpted, flat pieces of wood, this shelf looks like it's oozing some liquid from a magical forest. The variety in wood tones adds some depth and dimension, making this feel like an art installation with functional detail.

9. Install it where the light hits

In this design, multiple drip shelves are hung together to create two long shelves. The sunlight hits each section differently, creating several colors that beautifully complement the children's books. 

10. Wavy wall shelf

What happens when something drips down below? It creates a puddle. While this wavy shelf from Dream Home Creations might not be dripping on its own, these abstract shapes would be a fun addition to the quirky trend. Look for a dripping shelf and an abstract shape shelf in the same color, and then hang the drip above. It'll look like one shelf is dripping down to create a puddle below.