The Clutter-Free Way Emily Henderson Stores Her Vitamin Bottles

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Clutter is the enemy of an aesthetic and functional home, and your kitchen can be especially prone to busy surfaces. Vitamin bottles are one culprit of cluttered space, especially if you have a big collection. While they are great for your health, they detract from your home's overall appeal when left out on counters or tables. Some people might keep their bottles in the bedroom or bathroom, but most vitamins are best taken with food and chased down with water, so storing them in the kitchen makes sense. Emily Henderson has found a way around using up precious surface areas by implementing a magnetic kitchen rack to hold smaller items.

This hack clears up clutter and leaves your daily doses within easy reach. By attaching this handy addition to your refrigerator, you can keep bottles off your prepping and cooking stations and leave room in your cabinets or pantry for food and ingredients. Such a simple solution can alter your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom for the better, and it's easy to implement.

Store vitamins on your fridge

In her blog, Emily Henderson discusses why it's important to keep vitamins accessible. While the food and drink idea is key, it can also be easy to forget to actually take your daily allotment if they are hidden away. For people who tend to get super busy throughout the day or just happen to overlook this daily step, keeping bottles on the counter or an obvious surface ensures they get taken. Rather than adding an extra step of setting reminders on your phone or leaving sticky notes, you can add a magnetic hanging shelf to your fridge.

The organizer Emily Henderson features comes from Wayfair, but you can also seek out other options like this one from Amazon for only $24.99 — it easily adheres to the side or front of your appliance. Not only are your vitamin bottles neatly tucked away and up off of the counters, but they are visible, so you remember to take them. By taking advantage of your home's verticle spaces, you can save room in drawers, cabinets, and closets as well for other items.

Other ways to store your vitamin bottles

Not only does the magnetic shelf provide storage for bottles and more minor ingredients or accessories, but it also saves you from having to drill into the walls. If your fridge can't hold this organizer or has no space, you can also opt for shelves that sit inside cabinet doors by hanging over the top. If you still prefer vitamins on your counters, why not invest in a tray or high-edged lazy Susan to keep everything together and less cluttered? Just by adding a border, your bottles will look tidier.

Utilizing your walls is the best way to make your home feel larger and less chaotic, so shelves are always an excellent option to contain everything from food products to vitamins, lotions, plants, and knickknacks. Try this clever hack for less than $25 and see how much it opens up your space while still keeping the important bits nearby and visible!