The Viral Repotting Hack That Utilizes The Original Container For Easy Planting

Oh, the garden center – so full of possibilities. Do we need more plants? No. Will we buy more plants? Almost certainly. And, since we are here buying more plants that we may or may not need, we should also purchase new planters. We can't have our new greenery looking shabby. When we get home, we are definitely taking advantage of the simple and brilliant hack shared by TikTok user tannertheplanter that uses the original pot to help make replanting easier.

When you purchase a new plant, it should look lush and full in its original nursery pot, but when you look at the bottom, you may see roots poking out. That is a sign your new greenery needs a slightly larger container. To select the right size, look for an option only about two inches larger than the plant's current pot. For example, if you are buying greenery in a 4-inch pot, purchase a 6-inch container. It is better to repot more frequently than to buy a planter that is far too large.

The simple repotting hack

In the viral post, the user removes a plant from its original container but keeps it nearby to create the right-sized spot for the plant in its new pot. First, he keeps things from getting too messy by doing the soil work inside a cardboard box with low sides (clean and clever; we love it!). Then, he puts a little potting soil in the bottom of the new container. Now – here's the brilliant part – instead of filling the container up to the top and pushing aside some of the soil with his hand, he uses the original planter to make an indention for the root ball. This ensures the hole is centered and large enough to accommodate the plant.

Tanner loosens the plant's roots, encouraging them to spread out as they grow. Then he places the new greenery in the indention he made and presses gently to make sure it's secure. Finally, with some soil sifting, his new plant is centered and level in its new home.

Care after planting

Once you have practiced this clever hack and feel pretty chuffed about your houseplant prowess, don't forget the next vital step: watering the plant. Potting soil should be stored in dry conditions to avoid mold and other fungal and bacteria growth, but once you place it in a planter, the whole thing needs a thorough watering. One way to do this is to put your planter in the sink or tub and water it until the excess runs out of the drainage holes. Another way is to sit your planter in a large water bowl and let it soak moisture from the roots to the top. With this process, you know your planter is sufficiently watered when the top of the soil is moist.

Give your new plant a week or so to recover from the stress of transplanting, then treat it to a dose of liquid fertilizer. This will not only help it continue to recover from stress, but it will encourage new root and top growth. After that, continue fertilizing throughout the season according to the package instructions to keep your plant healthy and happy. Then you can start this process all over again when your plant requires a larger planter!

Take this hack to the next level

As if it's not enough that this viral TikTok hack can help you repot one plant, you can level it up by using the same process for a potting arrangement. If you want to create a dynamic plant combo in a large planter, you can use your original pots to create the perfect layout.

Prepare your planter with your favorite soil mix, leaving about 8 inches at the top for your greenery. Use this opportunity to choose your layout. Select plants in various sizes, colors, and growth habits for optimal visual interest. For the center of your planter, look for a tall, slender option, like ornamental grass, to add height and texture. Next, select a mid-sized upright blooming plant like daisies or impatiens. Finally, purchase a trailing variety to spill over the side, adding more complexity to the arrangement. Ornamental sweet potatoes are a beautiful and popular option for this kind of planting.

When you are ready to put everything together, use this hack by removing your new greenery from their nursery pots and placing them where you want the plant roots to go in your container. Finally, fill the planter with soil, remove the original pots, and put your new plants in place, gently pressing the soil around the roots.