HGTV's Jasmine Roth Shows Off Her Completed 'Camp Roth' Renovation

HGTV's Jasmine Roth has been working on an ambitious project for the last couple of months, and she's finally ready to share the outcome with her social media followers. On April 2, she announced on her Instagram that she and her husband had bought a house, which was already 75% built, and were ready to transform it into their dream space. Named "Camp Roth," this four-bed and four-and-a-half bathroom home has everything the family could ever need, including workspaces, multiple family rooms, a 'hidden' play area, and so much more.

In her first reveal of the space, Roth focuses on some of the most important rooms, which include the kitchen and dining area, a children's bedroom, and the primary bedroom and bathroom. Throughout the space, there's a common theme of a modern but also timeless feel and a cozy but spacious vibe. They used lots of light paint colors on the walls but accented them with darker tones like black and deep red. Further, there are plenty of wooden features, which add a cabin feel, especially when you consider that the house is surrounded by Utah's snowy mountains. 

'Camp Roth' mixes comfort with luxury

On her Instagram, Jasmine Roth showcases before and afters of the main rooms of the home. Starting with the kitchen and dining area, this space feels cozy but still has plenty of modern touches. They beautifully mix dark and light colors by choosing white walls and deep wood flooring. While they include a more rustic feel with the wooden vent hood and matching stools, their glamorous side comes through with the gray quartzite waterfall island, which has plenty of movement and creates a lot of interest.

Next, Roth showcases the children's bedroom, which has a fun bunk bed with a slide, comfortable carpeted floors, and a deep red sofa that adds a pop of color. Overhead is also a super unique feature: a net where Roth's daughter Hazel can play and relax. The same color palette carries into the primary bedroom, which has vertical wood panels along the back accent wall, a vintage rug, and dark red curtains hung on the windows. And, while the bathroom has luxurious touches with the large walk-in shower and white rounded bathtub, it also has a cabin feel with a wooden vanity and a plaid black and white runner rug.