Genius Handle Upgrades That Will Instantly Elevate Your IKEA Dresser

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When shopping for an IKEA dresser, you'll probably notice something about most of this retailer's pieces — they either have no hardware or only knobs. However, handles can significantly elevate a dresser's design and make the drawers much easier to open. Further, this hardware is typically very easy to install, even for those without DIY experience. 

For a piece that already has knobs, these could be removed with a screwdriver and replaced with handles that match the sizing of the holes. On the other hand, if your furniture piece doesn't have any knobs, you could create holes with a drill that are the correct distance apart for the hardware you choose. To install the handles, simply place the screws in the holes from the inside of the drawer, then slide the handles on and tighten them with a drill and screwdriver. But first, you need the perfect hardware, and we've found 12 handle designs to beautifully complement your IKEA dresser.

1. Leather strips

While this piece could be purchased on Rowzec, you could also DIY it. Leather handles will provide a rustic appearance and add texture to a plain IKEA dresser. They will also have a simple look that doesn't stand out but adds softness and a cozy feel to the design.

2. Braided brass

On the other hand, if you want something that looks a bit more elevated, select hardware with a shiny brass finish, such as the Carrick handles from CB2. Metals typically look more expensive than other materials, and because this specific piece is braided, it adds an additional layer of dimension. This detail also makes it more interesting and gives the dresser more texture. 

3. Cabinet rings

Those who want a playful appearance could choose cabinet rings, such as the brass Linton Cabinet Pull from Plank Hardware. While rings could function as knobs, they're technically handles. These will attract attention since they have a unique appearance. At the same time, they're also not as formal as other styles because of their curved, casual shape.

4. Matte black

Matte black handles, such as these from Ravinte, have a simple yet sophisticated style. Best for a modern space, they are also very versatile and would nicely contrast a white IKEA dresser. A huge benefit of this style is that they're longer than many of the other options, which may look better when centered on a large drawer. 

5. Clear acrylic

If you prefer a glamorous aesthetic, look to clear acrylic handles such as the Beryn Acrylic Cabinet Pull from Build with Ferguson. This will give your piece a modern and luxurious look, especially if they're held up by gold rings. At the same time, they're also quite subtle since they're clear. Those who want to make their space appear more luxe but not dramatic should consider this option.

6. Wooden dowels

While wooden dowels are typically rustic, pairing them with black accents adds a modern touch. These handles from Mcredy could work in either a rustic or modern space, but they could also look great in an industrial home, as they would add a layer of texture and warmth from the natural finish. Their simplistic appearance makes them versatile, and the two colors will add character to your dresser. 

7. Traditional look

Those who prefer something more traditional should take a look at the Broward handles from Build with Ferguson. These bronze pieces have a white ceramic center with a "cracked" appearance that makes them appear genuinely aged. Traditional handles will give your furniture more character and a lived-in feel that transforms the IKEA dresser into an antique.

8. Twig-like appearance

To mix a luxurious look with a playful or rustic feel, check out the brass Arbor Twig handles from Build with Ferguson. These have plenty of texture and a very unique design that would make your IKEA dresser appear like a whole new piece of furniture. Because they look hand carved, they will give your simple piece tons of personality.

9. Basic wood

Those who want to DIY their handles could try their hand at this simplistic design. Sold by MarcaDekor, these handles have a small, raw wood shelf that comes down in the front and adds a rustic element to a piece. If you want to focus on the functionality of your handles over the aesthetics, you may want to choose this option.

10. Shiny pearl

Because pearl handles are shiny and luxurious, they work well in modern, glamorous, and even coastal spaces. When the lights are on, they have a reflective surface that gives them a multi-colored, rainbow effect, which really draws the eye in. The Mother of Pearl Bow Pull from SerunicHome could complement several different-colored IKEA dressers to give them a unique look.

11. Rustic rope

These rope handles from CoolpStore are great for industrial, coastal, and bohemian rooms. The unexpected material adds texture to the piece of furniture. Another benefit is that rope can stretch, so your measurements for holes don't have to be exact as they would be with solid materials. However, you should still measure to confirm what they will look like before they are installed.

12. Antique floral

If you want to make your piece look like it was handed down through the generations, add floral handles onto each drawer, like these antique-inspired pulls from Anglehome. These can work in a number of different styles, including shabby chic, French country, traditional, and glam. While some traditional hardware can make a piece feel outdated, these will instead give your dresser a classic style that could match a modern space.