Get Every Last Drop Of Spray Paint Out Of The Can With This Secretive Dot Hack

Spray paint can be a useful tool when refurbishing a piece of furniture or completing a small paint job. However, you may find that you go through cans of paint quickly, which could cost you some big bucks. Further, you may also be failing to use all the paint in the container, which could be wasting your resources and cash. Luckily, according to TikToker Nick Starrett, there's a simple way to get every last drop of paint out.

To follow his hack, inspect the top of your spray can or the area around the nozzle. On most containers, there's a small red or black dot that's barely visible. This indicates where the straw, which runs from the nozzle to the bottom of the can, is located. Therefore, simply turning the nozzle so that the arrow on top is facing the dot and then tilting the can towards that dot can allow you to get every single drop out. A huge benefit of this trick is that if you only need a little bit more paint to complete your project, this could save you from having to purchase and waste a whole new can.

How aerosol cans work

In the comments of Nick Starrett's TikTok video, there was a bit of skepticism about how this hack works. "There's no tube in [a] spray paint [can]," one person wrote. "Only the pressure put in the can forces the paint out once the nozzle is pressed." However, this is a common misconception about all aerosol cans. While the pressure (also called the propellant) is important, there are a number of factors that go into making an aerosol can, like a spray paint can, work.

Aerosol cans are made up of four basic parts: the container itself, the trigger, the nozzle, and the straw/hose. When you press down on the trigger, the product is pushed through the straw because of the propellant and is expelled from the nozzle. Therefore, lining up the nozzle with the end of the straw and tilting the can towards the last little bit of paint will allow you to get every last drop out. Because all of these components are also in other aerosol cans, this trick could also work for products like cooking spray and hairspray. 

Another way to remove every last drop

Many of the comments underneath Nick Starrett's TikTok video pointed out that there's also another way to get every last drop of paint out of your can. "If you still have paint in [the can] but no pressure, you can stomp on the can to get the last bit of paint out," one person explained. This method may also work because, if you crush the container slightly, it will become more pressurized and allow the last little bit of paint to expel from the nozzle.

If you're going to try this method, lightly step on the can instead of jumping on it. This will save you from potentially hurting yourself or damaging the can. Also, make sure the nozzle's arrow is pointed toward the dot at the top. After you've dented and used the can, if you can still hear some liquid inside, dent it slightly more and continue this process until you're sure there's no paint left.