10 Cool Ideas For The Outdoor Sink You Never Knew You Needed

Whether part of a backyard kitchen or standing by itself, an outdoor sink is always a great idea. The main benefit of having an outdoor sink comes down to one word: convenience. Every time you need fresh water when spending time in your backyard, you can simply walk over to the sink instead of having to run inside the home. If you like to cook or grill outside, this could obviously be very beneficial for preparing food and cleaning dishes. Those who like to garden may also enjoy an outdoor sink, as they'll have a place to rinse off produce, fill their watering can, and wash their hands.

When deciding which sink to use, there are a number of options to choose from. Some are small and primarily utilized for hand washing, while others are extra large. You'll also need to decide where it's located, what type of material it's made out of, if you want one or two basins, and whether or not a countertop could be helpful for you. To help you decide all of this, you'll find 10 cool and unique ideas for outdoor sinks below.

1. Tropical feel

If you live in a coastal home, adding an outdoor sink with a tropical feel will make your outdoor living area feel cohesive. The main way to make your sink feel more tropical is by surrounding it with lush plants and blue water, but there are also other ways to create this look. Round basins provide a more casual look, and mixing silver metals with light, neutral tones will also bring in the feel you're looking for.

2. Wooden barrels

The main benefit of having two sinks is that two people can wash their hands at the same time comfortably. Those who have a large family and who spend a lot of time outside may want to consider adding multiple basins to their space. These have a unique look, as they're made out of wooden barrels with metal rims, which gives them a rustic appearance. They also have a storage space located underneath the vanity that's covered up by a small, country-style curtain.

3. Mixing materials

When planning for an outdoor sink, one of the most important things to consider is what materials you want to use. If you're stumped on what to choose, try mixing multiple materials together. For instance, the above sink has a concrete countertop, metal basin, stone vanity, and wooden sliding cabinet doors. All of these elements add texture and make the sink look more interesting.

4. Natural stone

Those who want their outdoor sink to be the focal point of a space could choose this incredible design. The basin is carved out of a large, hollowed-out stone, which provides the piece with a natural and rustic appearance. Because this type doesn't have any counter space, it is best used for simple tasks like washing your hands or filling up your watering can.

5. Farmhouse look

Part of an outdoor kitchen, this small, square sink has a simple appearance, but the cabinets below the sink give it more character. These are made out of wood and have bold black hinges and handles, which provide the piece with a farmhouse appearance. The countertops are made out of stone, while the area around the grill is covered in brick; both these elements also add to the style of the space.

6. Rustic copper

If you want a rustic, farmhouse, or country-style sink, consider choosing one in copper. However, know that the bold red color will only last for a short time, as the material will patina and could turn green. While some adore this look, others may want to protect the color by washing it with mild soap, drying it out after every use, keeping acidic foods away from it, and protecting it from the weather with a pergola or a canopy.

7. Large basin

While most outdoor sinks are the same size as, or slightly smaller than, indoor ones, there are extra-large basins available as well. These could be used to complete a number of tasks, from rinsing garden produce to watering plants in pots to even giving pets a bath. Located in a garden, this sink above has a natural look with its many different stones that are arranged in an organic shape.

8. Stump sink

To really make your outdoor sink look like it's a part of nature, hollow out an old tree stump and place a basin inside it, then add a drain and a faucet. This will help the piece blend into your landscaping, so it doesn't become a prominent focal point. Keep in mind that, because this option doesn't have any counter space, it's best used for simple tasks like washing your hands.

9. Modern appearance

Placing a dark black basin with a matching faucet underneath a luxurious pergola is sure to provide a modern appearance. If you want the sink to stand out, make all the countertops pure white, which will also create a pleasing contrast. This outdoor kitchen is quite unique, as it has beautiful, curved edges and built-in shelves that give it an Italian and cozy feel.

10. Painted cabinets

If you want to add a cool splash of color to your outdoor space, paint the cabinets around your sink something like the sage green shade above. This color plays nicely into the natural feel of the space while also providing the sink with a modern appearance. Including a backsplash, like the white herringbone tiles in the image above, will also add a contemporary and put-together feel.