Why You Should Consider Buying A Cooling Mattress

There is nothing as uncomfortable as waking up in sweat-soaked sheets feeling like you've just emerged from a bath. Whether you are prone to getting overheated while you sleep, or it's a more recent development, your mattress could be the main culprit for this situation. Buying sheets in a more breathable material is definitely a helpful option, but a cooling mattress is the best way to get back to a solid night's sleep without a damp wake-up call. Not only can this upgrade improve your sleep, but it can help manage weight too.

The technology behind cooling mattresses helps to pull heat out and away from your slumbering form. Other beds end up trapping heat, creating a warmer, less comfortable surface. If you find yourself tossing and turning, or even having to clean your sheets more frequently than the recommended once a week, it could be a sign you need to let go of your current mattress.

Better sleep and support

Cooling mattresses work by regulating the heat a person expels throughout the night. They are lined with either cooling gels or some form of copper-infused foam/lining, both of which help to bring higher temps away from the surface of the bedding. While they can't completely alter your body's alchemy and cool you down like air conditioning or a glass of ice water, cooling mattresses can make you more comfortable by pulling heat away from you. The mattress will remain the same temperature as when you first got into bed, which doesn't happen with most versions.

If you tend to run hot, or if sleep has become more elusive, it might mean that your body is exuding too much heat and interrupting your sleep. A cooling mattress can also help relieve pain, so if you have constant discomfort in your back, shoulders, hips, or anywhere else that the mattress can cradle, it can alleviate strain on those areas.

Worth the investment

If you share your bed, cooling mattresses also help evenly distribute other people's weight, so instead of feeling like you are on the high seas every time your partner rolls over, their movements won't affect you as much. These options also retain their shape and durability for longer, thanks to the gel which fills the cushioning. This means you won't have to replace your mattress as frequently, and it will still be comfortable after eight or more years of use.

Rather than chasing sleep, it could be in your best interest to try this solution. It might not lower your energy bills exponentially or stop your other half from snoring, but it will allow you to get better rest. Depending on the brand you opt for, you can expect to pay between $949 and $4900, according to Forbes, but it is a worthy investment if you're seeking solid slumber.