The Burned Wood Feature On Battle On The Beach That Blew Taniya Nayak Away

As the premiere of Season 3 of HGTV's "Battle on the Beach" approaches, fans of the show might want to take a trip down memory lane. If you watched Season 2, you may have seen a unique feature during Episode 3, "Living Room Showdown." In this episode, Taniya Nayak teamed up with the father and son home-flipping duo — Roosevelt and Brandyn Chambers — to make sure that their wooden ceiling beam stood out.

"See that detail in the middle? They burned it," Nayak explained, per "They took the wood, and they just took a torch to it and burned it, so I thought that was really cool and different." The contestants added these wooden panels to the peak of the ceiling. On either side, they also installed normal wood beams that extend out from the center. Both of these features created a two-toned focal point that nicely contrasted each other.

Details about this burned wood feature

"Yakisugi," sometimes incorrectly called "Shou Sugi Ban," is a popular Japanese technique that can be completed in several ways. The traditional method includes tying three Japanese cypress planks together with a wire or a chain in a triangle formation. To burn the top layer of the wood, a fire is lit inside the boards, which stand vertically like a chimney, and the flame pours out the top.

However, nowadays, many simply place their wood on a flat surface and burn it with a flamethrower. This method gives you more control over the colors and textures that you can create on the surface. Once the wood has been burned, it typically has a dark gray or brown tone and is covered in soot. To remove some of the char, some go over it with a scouring pad and blow away the dust. Then, to preserve the color and design, you can cover it with a clear sealant.

The appeal of this technique

Contestants Roosevelt and Brandyn Chambers of Season 2's "Battle on the Beach" add this feature to their ceiling because it's unique and adds lots of texture. It draws out the colors and grain patterns in the wood, giving it a distinct look that is difficult to recreate. Further, a huge benefit of Yakisugi is that it doesn't use any harsh chemicals but is natural and environmentally friendly. Burning the top layer of wooden planks also makes them resistant to breaking down, rotting, and infestations.

However, while this technique is beautiful, judge Bryan Baeumler did have one note about the appearance of the Chambers' ceiling. He explained that because the air holes weren't filled, the surface had a speckled look, per He would have preferred them to be filled in to make the color and texture of the wood stand out more. If you try this method out for yourself, keep in mind that the condition of the wood's holes and textures will make a massive difference in the end result. Season 3 of "Battle on the Beach" premieres Sunday, June 4, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV and YouTube TV.