Tips For Hanging Rugs On The Wall As Artwork

Home decor is fun and exciting, and represents a chance to express your tastes and show people what you love. Decorating the walls is an art of its own, but if you're looking for something a little different, why not try hanging a beautiful rug on the wall instead of a painting? 

Tacking them to the walls is a common interior decor choice in Slavic countries. You could hang a tapestry, but rugs work well too, and produce a similar visual effect. The range of patterns, colors, and styles available, from Persian to Navajo, makes finding an option that matches your space easy. Besides, some rugs are simply too pretty to walk on. 

There are multiple ways to hang a rug on the wall. A couple of great tips involve using either Velcro or a curtain rod. Depending on what kind you want to hang, you might even consider framing it. No matter what route you go, it's important to give it the proper support. 

If this sounds intriguing, keep reading for some great tips for mounting rugs on the wall. 

Attach them with Velcro

Using Velcro to hang a rug on the wall is the preferred method of professionals, and makes an easy way to hang them. For this, you'll need 2-inch–wide Velcro tape; some muslin fabric; a thin, wide piece of flat wood; a staple gun; a drill; carpet thread; and screws. Cut the muslin cloth, the Velcro tape, and the piece of wood to the same width or length as the rug, depending on which direction you want to hang it. Then use the carpet thread to hand-sew the soft side of the Velcro to the muslin cloth. Then, sew the cloth to the back of the rug along the top edge.

Next, take the staple gun and staple the rough side of the Velcro to the piece of wood. Measure exactly where you want to hang the rug on the wall and mark the spot with masking tape. Now, take the drill and screws and mount the piece of wood to the wall. If the rug is large or heavy, you might need to do the same thing on the sides and bottom edges. This will keep it secured without damaging the rug or the wall.

Make sure you know how to safely drill into your walls before embarking on this particular project.

Mount them with casing and a curtain rod

If you're hanging a large and heavy rug, another terrific solution is to use a curtain rod, which will require sewing a casing onto the back of the rug. This method also has the aesthetic appeal of being able to add fancy end caps and brackets to the curtain rod for a creative finishing touch. The casing is simply a long, banded piece of fabric that you hand-sew onto the back of the rug near the top. Use a strong fabric like heavy-duty cotton, as this will hold up the full weight of the rug.

Make a loop with the fabric so the curtain rod can slide through it, and sew it onto the back of the top of the rug. Make sure you get a strong enough curtain rod to hold the weight of the rug. You can either choose fancy finials and brackets or, if you prefer to hide the mounting method, shorten the rod so the ends don't show and put the brackets along the inside edge of the rug. Whichever method you prefer, they are both effective and fairly simple DIY methods of hanging your rugs.