Does TikTok's DIY Limewash Indoor Painting Hack Work?

While textured limewash walls are beautiful, they can be expensive and difficult to execute. This is because chalky limewash paint is quite pricey; while a regular gallon of paint can cost anywhere from $15 to $50, a can of limewash paint will typically cost closer to $90. Further, unless you're a master with a paintbrush, creating the gorgeous strokes that make this technique so interesting could be a challenge.

Because of these reasons, some have come up with easier and cheaper ways to get the same look, and they've shared their findings on TikTok. One of these DIY experts is TikToker Funke AP. Basically, instead of using actual limewash paint, they mix together regular paint with water. Then, they apply a dark shade to the wall with a small brush. After that has dried, they dab a lighter shade on top with a large sponge. The end result is absolutely gorgeous and looks almost identical to true limewash. The main difference between an authentic and dupe limewash wall is the textured feel. Further, while actual limewash is a paste, the dupe is just thin paint and can easily be painted over.

Tips on how to complete this DIY yourself

Before you begin painting your walls, prepare them by filling in holes, sanding down the surface, and applying a coat of primer. Then, you'll need to mix your paint shades with water. The ideal ratio is one part paint to three parts water, or about 30% paint and 70% water. It's best to place the water into the container before the paint so that it doesn't get stuck on the sides.

To begin covering your wall, you'll simply dip a brush or sponge into the limewash-like mixture and then swirl it onto the surface in circular motions. You may need to add two or three layers, but be sure to leave some empty space so that the wall appears textured. Keep in mind that the paint shade will appear darker while it's still wet and will dry slightly lighter. Further, the best method is to start in the middle and move outwards, towards the edges. The paint needs to be distributed evenly so that the wall doesn't look too dark in one area and too light in another.

Picking out the right paint

If you're trying to complete this DIY on a budget, it's important to find the cheapest paint possible. Mixing three to four paint colors together is best for the look, as more shades will create more dimension. However, to save yourself some money, choose the smallest containers the retailer has available, which will likely be sample sizes or 8-ounce cans. These typically cost less than $10 each, so even if you want to mix multiple colors, you can still get the look you want at a cheap price. And, because your paint will be mixed with water, you don't need as much as you normally would anyways.

Another tip when choosing the right paint is to focus on neutral, earthy colors. This will give your walls an authentic look, as limestone is naturally an off-white shade before pigment is added. Typically, hues like brown, gray, taupe, and white are the best options. When mixing together multiple shades, keep them all in the same color family. If you wanted to use three colors, you could choose a light, medium, and dark shade.