How To Make Your Pothos Plants Look Fuller

The pothos is one of the easiest house plants to grow and care for. However, as time passes, your pothos may start to look rather leggy, although it's relatively healthy. Thus, we've investigated this matter and found some tips for making your plant look fuller. One tip for bringing back its leafy appearance involves establishing an additional plant in the same container, adding to the foliage. Likewise, if you want to avoid cutting the stems for propagating or investing in a second pathos, we have another tip to get leggy stems out of the way. You can arrange some of these bare stems so they don't hang down or stand out as much. This process will also make your plant look bushier and encourage new growth. 

No matter which process you choose, your plant's overall health will benefit and look much fuller. Moreover, if you alter your pothos care routine just a bit, you might get positive results. In addition to the tips we'll discuss, you should ensure your plant receives frequent watering and plenty of sunshine without the light shining directly on it.

Keep multiple pothos in one container

Having more than one pothos in the same planter can make both look fuller, and this feat can be achieved in one of two different ways. For starters, you can take some of the cuttings from your original plant and propagate them in the same container. To ensure a successful pothos propagation with healthy foliage, cut a section with at least three leaves close to the top of the stem, and of course, make sure to cut at a 45-degree angle. Also, you can either place the cutting in water until the roots sprout or plant it directly in the pot.

Another tip involves planting a second pothos in the same pot. This might include transplanting another leafier pothos with the original one or adding a different variegation for additional color contrast. The latter measure would enhance the visual appeal since the pothos varieties come in a wide array of patterns and shades of green. Either way, you're filling in space with more leaves without jeopardizing the health of your plants since pothos varieties need the same kind of care.

Rearrange the vines

If you don't want to use cuttings just yet or get another plant, you can simply rearrange the leggy stems to achieve the illusion of bushier pothos. For example, you can take the exceptionally long stems and gently wind them around into coils inside the pot, taking special care to keep the nodes close to the soil to where they touch it. From there, you can use a thin wire to secure the stems to keep them from slipping. This arrangement places the leaves closer together, instantly making the plant look fuller. The nodes should take root over time if they stay in close contact with the soil. Thus, you've not only changed your plant's look but also propagated it without cutting the stems.

If you have just one or two leggy stems, you take each one, wrap it clear around the pot's interior, and use a small wire or pin to keep it securely in place. How many times you need to wind the stem around depends on how long it is. Your pothos will look fuller with the bare stem or stems out of the way.