HGTV's Emily Henderson Creates A Backyard Oasis With Some Green Giant Purchases

There are a few ways to make your backyard feel more like an oasis: add a water feature, lush grass, and the ideal seating area. However, there's another way that some may overlook, perhaps because they don't think it's important or because it's quite expensive. To create a backyard oasis, you could add some large trees around your property.

This is what Emily Henderson does in her backyard for a few reasons, beginning with the fact that large trees designate different areas of your yard, per her website. For instance, maybe your patio is close to your pool, in which case you could create separation with a large tree. Trees also provide shade, which could be beneficial for both people and other plants. They also add flowers, color, and interest and could become the focal point in a boring yard. Additionally, instead of growing your trees from saplings, you could order mature giants so that you don't have to wait as long to get the backyard of your dreams.

Choosing between saplings and mature trees

When designing her backyard, Emily Henderson first purchased some smaller trees to stay within a budget. However, she quickly discovered that these would not cut it because they were not tall enough. While she could have waited for them to mature, that would likely take five to 10 years, and since she photographs her yard frequently, she thought it was worth spending more money upfront. Buying larger trees can cost a lot more money, even hundreds to thousands of dollars more. In fact, Henderson spends $2,000 on one of her trees, which also includes delivery and installation. "It's obviously a luxury to do this, but what you are buying is time," Henderson wrote on her website. "So how much was it worth it to us per year to have it at that height now? When you think about it like that it becomes easier to justify."

Therefore, choosing between a sapling and a mature tree really comes down to your budget and your patience. If you have an unlimited budget and want big statement trees now, purchasing mature trees may be worth it. On the other hand, if you have a strict budget and are willing to wait a few years, choose the saplings.

The types of trees Emily Henderson purchased

When choosing which green giants to purchase, Emily Henderson decides upon three types: one dogwood, one white oak, and two Japanese maples. The dogwood is placed next to her patio to separate this area from her kitchen. These trees bloom in the spring, can grow up to 15 feet tall, and could easily become the focal point in your backyard. They love rich and moist soil, so them fertilize with organic matter before planting and then cover the roots with mulch.

Henderson chooses the white oak even though she goes to the nursery looking for an Oregon red oak because it's much cheaper; in fact, she ends up saving $8,000. She plants this in a large, grassy area of her yard to add shade and to break up the flat landscaping. These have beautiful fall colors and can grow up to 100 feet tall. Finally, she added two smaller Japanese maples to the side of her house and next to her porch. These are known for being able to grow just about anywhere and having a unique, ornamental look. Their smaller size also makes them ideal for cramped areas or backyards with limited square footage.