The Best HGTV Shows That Have Graced The Screen So Far In 2023

Each year, HGTV continues to raise the bar with an exciting new lineup of shows that capture our attention and ignite our passion for all things home improvement. But some shows deserve special attention, due to how entertaining or inspiring they are. In an effort to fill up your binge-watching list, we have rounded up the best HGTV shows that have graced the screen so far in 2023. Each one of these picks brings something enticing to the table.

Are you interested in seeing a Zambian bush retreat go from a rundown camp to a luxury five-star resort? There's a show for you. Have you ever wondered how homeowners rebuild after a housefire, major flood, or other natural disaster? HGTV has a couple of new programs with all the answers. And honestly, if you are just trying to keep up with all the personal drama surrounding our favorite HGTV stars (you know exactly who that might be), there are a few shows you need to check out. Get ready to discover a mix of beloved fan favorites and exciting newcomers, all bringing a special flair to the world of home improvement television.

Home in a Heartbeat

"Home in a Heartbeat" premiered on HGTV on Apr 19, 2023. It stars newcomer Galey Alix, a full-time Wall Street employee who spends her nights and weekends on DIY projects. Her fun, fresh home designs drew in millions of followers on social media and rocketed her to fame. Her online popularity also translates well with mainstream viewers, as the show has a Rotten Tomatoes score of over 90%. "Home in a Heartbeat" is also especially inspiring for viewers because Alix isn't a trained designer, but a skilled DIYer. If she can add architectural features to a living room or install floor-to-ceiling shelving units in a dining room, so can those watching.

However, the design aspect isn't the only inspiring part of the show. It might be so popular because it also encourages people to try something outside of their comfort zone. Alix told Showbiz Cheatsheet, "I hope that design is the smallest takeaway a viewer gets from the show. I hope they see that if you have a passion outside of your day job, don't be afraid to pursue it. Because this entire show, every single person on it, this is our side hustle. We've got a nurse, an attorney. I'm on Wall Street, TJ's a schoolteacher, and we all have day jobs. So it is possible to pursue your passion and your side hustle outside of your day job." 

Renovation Wild

"Renovation Wild" premiered on May 15, 2023, and is hosted by Grant and Lynsey Cumings. Over 90% of Google users reported liking the show, and It offers viewers a fun behind-the-scenes look into the renovation of a family-owned safari camp in Zambia. This makes it the first HGTV show filmed in Africa. The first season's premise is full of drama; as the resort's opening day draws closer, the team has setbacks you won't find on other HGTV shows. There's the logistical nightmare of sourcing supplies to such a remote camp in Africa, plus the constant presence of wild animals, like lions and elephants.

Fans are interested in the show because of the unique opportunity to see a renovation in a different country. Working in Zambia is very different from the HGTV shows set in California or Mississippi, which makes for entertaining television. If you enjoy "House Hunters International" and seeing what housing is like abroad, this might be the show for you. 

"I just finished watching, and I feel like it's a breath of fresh air because it's unlike any other renovation show that HGTV has aired before," one fan wrote on Reddit. The resort's name is also readily available throughout the series, making it easy for fans to visit in person after the show is over. Just like how "Fixer Upper" fans can stay in Magnolia's Hillcrest Estate, "Renovation Wild" viewers can also vacation at the show's Old Mondoro

Fix My Frankenhouse

"Fix My Frankenhouse" premiered on April 23, 2023, and is hosted by Denese and Mike Butler. The show has an IMDb rating of nearly 8 out of 10, and fans seem to eagerly await each new episode. The show's premise is simple: The Butlers step in when others have gotten a bit too creative with home repairs and renovations. They take the "Frankenhouse" from a nonsensical to a chic, livable, and cohesive design. Fans love the pair's fun, playful dynamic, casting them as another potential Chip and Jo in the making. Both of their fathers also make appearances in each episode, delighting fans with both their experienced know-how and classic dad humor. 

While the show's personalities make it enjoyable, there is also a lot of interesting DIY advice which keeps fans coming back for more, some of it controversial. For example, when trying to create cohesion amid chaos, the Butlers often skew toward more modern design choices, occasionally at the expense of a home's historic features. Yet, for some, this is why they can't get enough of the show. "Finally, a show that you don't see the same boring designs. Initially, you're wondering why, but when you see the finished design, it's a wow factor," a viewer said in a Google review

Rico to the Rescue

"Rico to the Rescue" premiered on January 7, 2023, and is hosted by Rico Leon. The show has a solid Rotten Tomatoes score of 80%. Leon acts as a couple's counselor, contractor, and overall lifesaver to homeowners experiencing remodeling nightmares. He helps people who have gone through massive remodeling hiccups, whether that's dealing with a cooked contractor, finishing a project abandoned by a questionable hire, or fixing shoddy work that might now cost twice as much. Yet the premise is still a new one for HGTV, as most shows have people renovating their homes for lifestyle upgrades, not because of disasters. 

"On the show, I take what I've learned from [my own situations] and help mediate between the contractor and the homeowner. We meet with lawyers, we show you how to break contracts, how to solve issues without going legal. I come to the rescue," he shared on his site. His team also jumps into action. For example, he has a chief estimator who works around the clock to ensure insurance pays the homeowners.

This is a new type of home renovation show, which allows viewers a realistic look into the cleanup process after a renovation speedbump. In addition, Rico Leon is proud to be the only Latino host currently on HGTV. As a Puerto Rican raised in Pittsburgh, he brings a unique and fresh perspective to the channel with his life experience and personal style. The show is a great look into the emotions of the issues, as well as prepping viewers by giving them insight into what to do if they're ever in a similar situation.

Renovation 911

"Renovation 911" premiered on March 28, 2023, and is hosted by sisters Kirsten Meehan and Lindsey Uselding. Filmed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the show has an IMDb rating of nearly 9 out of 10 and has been a smash hit with fans. Both sisters have been working in home restoration since they were teenagers, as their father was a co-owner of a restoration company and brought his daughters into the business with him. The sisters are used to dropping everything to help a client in need, as home emergencies simply can't be planned for.

Most of our favorite home renovation shows are about flipping properties for profit or voluntary renovations. However, similar to "Rico to the Rescue," "Renovation 911" takes a look at what happens in the wake of disaster. It pulls back the curtain on the real process of recovering your home from a real-life tragedy. 

"Whenever you call your insurance company because something bad happens, that's when we come into play," Meehan told HGTV. Uselding added, "With an emergency, it's something you didn't expect. Our clients weren't planning for their kitchen to be completely ruined or to not have a working bathroom. These are clients who are really vulnerable because they experienced a challenging event." The show is a heartfelt, refreshing take on tragedy and the resilience of the human spirit. 

Christina in the Country

Christina Hall's new show "Christina in the Country" premiered on January 12, 2023, off the heels of her successful stint hosting "Christina on the Coast." Nearly 80% of Google users report liking the show that follows Christina as she moves from California to Tennessee, leaning into Southern culture. She settles into her own Nashville farm while helping local homeowners take their homes from outdated to fabulous. It's a new style for her, as the show is a fun mix of "Flip or Flop" with its California vibes and "Home Town" with its small-town charm.

The show is a great watch for two main reasons. The first is to get a glimpse into Christina Hall's new life. Many fans have a special spot in their hearts for Christina and want to see what she's up to since her very public divorce from fellow HGTV star Tarek El Moussa. The second is to see Christina work her magic in transforming hideous homes into something truly liveable. She has a recognizable design style that fans have loved since "Flip or Flop," and it really shines on the show. 

"She does a beautiful job picking classic and timeless materials for her designs," wrote one IMDBb reviewer. "It's always great to see the kids and the fun life they have when in Tennessee. They all seem to enjoy the country life and animals. Christina seems so happy, and I hope there will be a Season 2!"

Down Home Fab

"Down Home Fab" premiered on January 16, 2023, and 74% of Google users report they like the show. It is hosted by Chelsea and Cole DeBoer, and if you have ever watched MTV's "Teen Mom 2," you will easily recognize this couple from season 2. In 2019, the couple successfully renovated their own family home. The process sparked a love for creating beautiful spaces, so the pair started their own contracting business and began making over homes for clients, too. In early 2020, Chelsea jokingly sent HGTV an Instagram message talking about her history on reality television and her love for renovation, which she publicly shared on her social media channels when "Down Home Fab" was officially announced. So if you like crossover shows — or just anything nostalgic that throws you back to the 2010s — this is a must-watch.

"Down Home Fab" has already been renewed for a second season by HGTV, predicting its success on the channel. This can likely be attributed to Chelsea and Cole's fun relationship dynamic. It's reminiscent of Ben and Erin Napier's, as it's very obvious that they really love each other. The pair also have some unique design ideas that are fun to see play out. They do well listening to their clients and bringing interesting (there is a lot of cow print) transformations to life.

The Flipping El Moussas

"The Flipping El Moussas" premiered on March 2, 2023, and is hosted by longtime HGTV stars Tarek and Heather El Moussa. The show expands on Tarek's previous popular show, "Flip or Flop," but attempts to up the stakes by securing higher-risk properties and pulling off shocking renovations. Yet despite the couple's name recognition and previous success on the channel, the show has an IMDb rating of just under 4 out of 10. Even so, more than half a million people have watched every single episode of the program, making it a certifiable commercial hit.

Many fans keep up with the show as more of a personality watch, as Tarek El Moussa is a staple of the channel and has been for years, even after his divorce from fellow-star Christina Hall. So if you enjoy keeping up, you can't skip out on this season. That said, the show also features some of the most daring house flips that El Moussa has become so famous for. Even if your design style differs from theirs, the couple is truly talented at pulling diamonds from the rough. At the start of each episode, it's hard to imagine the potential they see in the flips, but by the end, viewers are consistently treated to a complete transformation. 


The first episode of "Revealed" premiered on June 29, 2023. The show has an average IMDB score of 6.6 out of 10 and stars Veronica Valencia, a design expert who typically works off-camera for other HGTV shows. Now, she is in the spotlight herself, offering a unique perspective on home design — personal history. 

This show is one of the best new shows as it is one of the first to do a deep dive into incorporating clients' cultures and personalities into the style of their homes. This is due to host Veronica Valencia's design background and personal journey, too. "I'm both Mexican American and Native American and very proud of my cultures," she told HGTV. "And so are the families we feature on "Revealed," where we incorporate personal artifacts into their home design to help bring their histories and stories to life."

Valencia really resonates with viewers. "I like her as a host. She's down-to-earth and I appreciate her cultural background and heritage. I also grew up with only blonde Barbies and dolls," a fan wrote on Reddit, referring to their appreciation of Valencia's story. The user continued, "I love this show's energy. Even though I'm personally in the business of flipping, I love that she is so attuned to these people's styles/preferences/identities/roots."

Windy City Rehab: Alison's Dream Home

This show premiered on July 25, 2023, and is quickly heating up as 92% of Google users like the show. It follows established HGTV host Alison Victoria as she renovates her 6,250-square-foot Chicago office into a more residential space. Although Victoria does plan to keep some of the building for a work-from-home office, too. "The goal is never having to leave home," she said in the first episode.

This show is a perfect match for viewers who are already fans of "Windy City Rehab," but it has one thing that most other shows on the channel simply don't, making it one of the best. You get to see the star renovate her own home! This doesn't happen often, as typically big stars are only filmed rehabbing, flipping, and flopping, clients' homes. Getting a sneak peek behind the scenes of how an HGTV star acts when it is their home on the line is a real treat. 

"I'm also interested in seeing the final results," one fan wrote on Reddit. "I'm sure it will be over the top but beautiful. The atrium/courtyard is what I'm really looking forward to because that's a dream space!"

Flip the Strip

"Flip the Strip" is one of HGTV's most unique shows to date getting a thumbs up from 89% of Google users. The premise is that stars of the "Australia's Thunder From Down Under" Las Vegas variety show renovate houses in between performances. It premiered on July 10, 2023, and has been causing quite a stir. Ben Cleary, Dan Paterson, Liam Black, and Malik Wills-Martin, who are actually qualified tradesmen as well as dancers, partner with interior designer Kelly Stone to deliver quality work. 

"Between Ben, Malik, Liam, and I, we have a ton of experience in the construction industry from our time before joining the cast of 'Australia's Thunder from Down Under'," Paterson told HGTV. "We are here in the United States to perform, but we also want to try our hand at building a business and deliver the best possible renovations to our clients."

Fans on Reddit are appreciating the show's lighthearted, almost silly approach to design. "While the random short clips of their Vegas show are weird, I'm enjoying this show. I like that they do the work themselves and they have done nice renovations so far. I also think they are nice, genuine people in the show," one wrote.