The Unexpected Meat Tenderizer Hack That Removes Blood Stains From Your Mattress

If you're a biological woman, you've been there: It's that time of the month; you're psyching yourself up for its arrival, but it comes a little early and surprises you overnight. Now you've got a stained mattress to deal with. Of course, this is on top of waking up feeling like the devil's spawn has taken residence in your stomach and is trying to twist it in half — that's how you know you're going to have a lovely day! If you're looking into removing blood stains from your mattress, you might be surprised to know one hack uses meat tenderizer to do so. This stain-removal method requires a paste made of unseasoned meat tenderizer and a few drops of water, as well as minutes of your time.

There are a few other tricks to getting out blood stains from fabric, from salt to ice-cold water to hydrogen peroxide. But when it comes to some bedding components, like a mattress, you can't submerge it in water; that's why this hack works so well. But sometimes, it helps to have a few additional tricks up your sleeve for blood-stain removal, so we will show you a secret or two to help with this issue.

How to use meat tenderizer to remove blood stains

Use cold water for your paste and ensure the consistency is uniform but not runny, making it easy to apply to the stained spot. Work your meat tenderizer paste into the stains and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Then take a bowl of water and a sponge or clean rag to rinse the concoction as thoroughly as possible. Afterward, you'll want to air dry the wet spots thoroughly, perhaps with a fan or heater blowing on it.

This meat tenderizer hack is effective because it's designed to break down the proteins and tougher fibers of the meat. When you put it on blood stains, the enzyme does the same thing, making it effortless to clean and restore your mattress to its pristine state. It sounds a little disturbing on the surface, but it does the dirty work on a microscopic level and saves you all that elbow grease. And this method is outstanding because it works even when the stains have set in for a little while.

How to use aspirin and baking soda to remove blood stains

In much the same way the meat tenderizer paste works, you can use two other unexpected household items to remove blood stains. The first is aspirin. Just take some of the plain white tablets and crush them up into a powder. Make sure you grind them up nicely to have as fine a powder as possible. Then you add a few drops of water at a time until you have the consistency of a paste. Apply the concoction to the blood stains and leave it to sit for at least 30 minutes and overnight if necessary.

The other substance you can use is baking soda, to which you will add water to create a thick paste. The application method is the same, and the main thing to remember with any of the hacks in this post is to always rinse with cold water and ensure you allow the mattress to dry thoroughly before re-making your bed. 

Lastly, take a few deep breaths and put a smile on your face — with these blood-stain removal tips, a better month is just around the corner!