These Luxurious West Elm Sheets Went Viral On TikTok For A Reason

Sheets are a product that can be tricky to shop for online without being able to see and feel them in person. With so many brands and materials to choose from, figuring out ways to make your bed feel luxurious can be a challenge. Because bedding is so personal, it can feel like everyone else knows something you don't, thanks to TikTok's expanding list of hacks and viral products. In this case, though, TikTok has done the legwork by telling us how wealthy people sleep. 

Housekeeper Vanessa Amaro's vocal adoration of the West Elm's Tencel sheets – and comments on her posts praising them for their silky softness and fancy hotel feel incited a stampede that caused the sheets to sell out before everyone could snag a set for their lush slumber. Luckily, West Elm took the hint and restocked them in a rainbow of color options. Before filling your cart, here's everything you need to know about TikTok's favorite sheets.

What makes Tencel special?

Amaro initially recommended the sheets online after seeing them in the home of one of her clients and falling in love. Her original TikTok, which now has nearly 550,000 views and garnered Amaro some sponsor love from West Elm, is flush with comments from users who love the sheets despite making wide-eyed emojis at their steep-ish price point. Glowing reviews from consumers and media outlets praise the buttery softness Amaro pointed out, plus the sheets' hypoallergenic material, superior moisture wicking, and temperature control for toasty sleepers.

Users tend to quote their most significant pain point for Tencel sheets as the price, as of June 2023, ranging between $140 and $210, depending on size and color. "Are they pricey? Yes, yes, they are pricey," Amaro said in her video. "Are they worth it? Yes." If you're going to make the investment, though, consider that Tencel's creamy-soft material also reacts poorly to intense heat, more so than cotton — some sites even recommend air-drying when possible or removing the sheets from the dryer at 75% dryness to keep them feeling luxe. 

Is Tencel really better for the Earth?

We all want to catch our Z's, but sleep is always sweeter when you know the planet isn't paying for it. One of Tencel's big selling points is how eco-friendly the product is, in addition to being meltingly soft and cozy. West Elm's proprietary material, Tencel, is made of pulped and processed wood (or "sustainable botanical fibers," as West Elm fancily puts it). This technically makes it a type of rayon, a material constructed out of cellulose fibers. Tencel's The sustainable sourcing of Tencel's hardwood puts it ahead of other rayons,  which can incorporate/make use of/rely on/etc. wood sourced from unsustainable places and ahead of other manufactured materials like polyester, typically made from petroleum.

Sustainability platform Green Story put it neck-and-neck with linen, generally thought to be one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, because even though the wood used in Tencel demands more water than the flax used for linen, Tencel guarantees a sustainably sourced crop and a closed-loop production system, meaning almost all non-toxic solvents created in production are captured and reused. Tencel's website also claims its products are biodegradable; this puts Tencel sheets ahead of those made from polyester, which can take decades or even centuries to break down.