How To Make Your Bed Using One Genius Pool Noodle Hack

Pool noodles aren't just for lounging around the pool. There are countless uses for these buoyant foam tubes around the house, whether creating a stylish headboard or a mini-sprinkler. This particular TikTok hack uses one to keep bed sheets securely tucked in at the foot of the bed while you sleep at night. This prevents your toes from popping out of the bottom and keeps them toasty warm. It also gives your bed a clean and streamlined look when it's made.

Some opt to leave their bed coverings untucked so they can stick their feet out to keep them cool or have freedom of movement during the night. The subject of tucking vs. untucking your bed sheets was even a topic of discussion on the TODAY show (via TODAY). Guest co-host Ellie Kemper suggested that those who prefer to tuck might do so because it evokes feelings of being secure and held tightly, as we were in the womb, providing a soothing experience. Sleep expert Dr. W. Christopher Winter confirmed this is possible. "I don't think we ever lose the comfort we get from constriction or being tightly hugged," he told TODAY. "Our bedding plays a huge role in how we feel during our sleep." If you're a sheet tucker and like to be nestled firmly in your bed at night, this TikTok hack will help you make your bed so that your sheets stay put, even with some tossing and turning.

How to use a pool noodle to keep your sheets tucked in

TikTok user @happyhousereviews shared a genius pool noodle trick that went viral with over 46,000 views (via TikTok). It's the perfect solution for those who find their sheets and blankets in an untucked mess by the time they wake up. This hack works best on bed frames with a footboard, but you'll only need a single pool noodle for this DIY solution.

First, make your bed like you normally would and fold the blankets and sheets under the sides of your mattress. As for the bedding at the foot of your bed, tuck it into the gap between the board and your mattress. Then, squeeze a pool noodle into this space and press it down over your tucked-in blanket. The pool noodle will hold your sheets in place even when you move throughout the night. You can also pull this off without having a footboard by tucking the foam tube underneath your mattress along with your bedding. This, however, may not work as well and leave a lump. Conversely, that bump could offer a bit of elevation for your feet, so it's worth giving it a try. 

Fans called this hack 'genius'

People who are fans of tucking in their sheets commented on the TikTok post calling the trick "genius," (via TikTok). But not everyone felt the same way. "I would be a very angry woman if I came to bed and couldn't pull my sheets out so my feet can poke when I want," one commenter wrote. Others agreed, saying, "My restless legs could never." But those who do prefer to be snug as a bug in bed might find this tip to be the answer they were looking for when it comes to a good night's rest. Apparently, pool noodles come in handy when it comes to bedding hacks. 

Instead of purchasing bed rails to make sure their small child doesn't fall out of bed at night, TikTok user @mamabearmeals used foam tubes to get the job done (via TikTok). They duct-taped three of them together at each end and made two sets. Then they wedged each set underneath the mattress protector on the left and right end of the bed. They made the bed as normal, with space in the middle for their child to sleep in between the pool noodles, which serve as bumpers so they don't roll off the side. And that's a minimum of $50 saved by using a clever and inexpensive DIY alternative.