How Hairspray Is Beneficial To Preserving Hydrangeas

Flowers can be little bundles of happiness or positivity around your home, and treating yourself to fresh bouquets can feel so enjoyable. According to experts at Harvard Medical School, flowers can offer benefits like increasing your sense of calm and boosting overall compassion. Plus, they brighten up any room you place them in and pull together your overall aesthetic. Hydrangeas, in particular, also help boost the humidity in your dwelling, per Magical Hydrangea, which is good for everyone's health as low humidity can be detrimental to your skin and sinuses. The stems might not last as long as other fresh-cut flowers, but hairspray can prevent hydrangeas petals from wilting as fast.

No fresh bouquets will last forever, and some might need to be swapped out sooner than others, but this hack will keep your Hydrangeas looking perky and fresh for a few days beyond their usual expiration. There are only a few easy steps to this trick, and you don't need to look any further than your bathroom cabinets for the supplies.

Hairspray to the rescue

Hydrangeas are one of the most aesthetically pleasing flowers to keep around your house. Their shape and color make them great for any vase, and some species provide a nice aroma that gives your abode a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. They usually last for 9 days at the longest, and they'll begin to lose their freshness around day 5, according to Kate Hill Flowers. In order to keep them around a little longer, many suggest using the hairspray trick. 

Start by cutting off the ends of each stem as you do with any floral arrangement — we suggest using Martha Stewart's technique for keeping Hydrangeas fresh. Then spray the blooms with hairspray, leaving a couple of inches between the petals and the nozzle. If you apply it too close, you could harm the flowers more than help them, and the hairspray can pull the petals down if you use too much. Use this hack before placing your Hydrangeas in their vase, and once you've covered the entire bouquet, hang them to dry upside down, ensuring good airflow. Check to make sure the hairspray has dried completely before placing your blooms in their vase with water.

Tips for maintaining your hydrangeas

Hairspray will act as a shield and keep your hydrangea petals looking more lively for a longer time. It can vary for how long depending on their placement and the temperature and light in your home, but they will keep their shape and consistency for your enjoyment. Another trick to reviving Hydrangeas that may have become wilted during transit or waiting to be placed in a vase is to fill your sink with cold water, then place the entire bouquet inside. Make sure to fully cover them since these flowers actually absorb moisture from their heads and throughout the stem.

To ensure they get the most out of their setup, keep your vases of Hydrangeas filled three-quarters of the way, and stick with a cooler temperature. Since they can drink from many different areas, this will keep them hydrated. If you need to submerge them to prevent drooping, don't attempt the hairspray trick until they have dried completely. You can reapply the spray once every two or three days to keep them perky until it's obvious they need replacing.